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Friday, January 30, 2004

| Summary of conclusions from Huttaon report on the BBC

MediaGuardian.co.uk | | Summary of conclusions

Summary of report exonerating Blair & lambasting the BBC

This is the core of the recent report about the BBC. The Guardian is reporting the turmoil this report has caused. Gilligan (the offending reporter) or whatever his name is has now resigned. The Chairman of the board and the Editor-in-Chief resigned yesterday. The press is calling the report a whitewash. If you surf around on the Guardian's website you can find the entire Hutton report as well as updated news on the fall-out caused by the report.

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story This is pretty funny

ABCNEWS.com : Document: Saddam Supporters Got Oil Deals

ABCNEWS.com : Document: Saddam Supporters Got Oil Deals Even ABC is reporting how the French and the Russians were getting oils deals from Saddam. It shows that a lot of the people against the war with Iraq were getting special deals for oil by Saddam. I still can't believe that this isn't all over the news everywhere. Everyone is still talking about the Democratic primaries. Sitx

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Bush-Bashing Conservatives Should Focus on Big Picture

Bush-Bashing Conservatives Should Focus on Big Picture I agree with this editorial totally. Conservatives should be upset with Bush on some of the issues. But to get the conservative agenda through we need to re-elect Bush and not let the Democrat's get into the White House. That would be a disaster, the spending would only increase and illegal aliens would have free reign and come in droves. SO the best thing for the country is to go our and re-elect Bush.

Illinois Conservative Politics

Illinois Conservative Politics Here is An article about the environmental wackos. It shows how out of touch with reality the environmentalists are.

Reuters News Article

Reuters News Article Another good atrticle about Iraq's WMD

WMD Inspector Says Removing Saddam was Justified -- GOPUSA

WMD Inspector Says Removing Saddam was Justified -- GOPUSA Here's a good article about Dr Kay's testimony to congress. It shows how biased the liberal media is. They only reported little sound bites that Democrats said,that made it look like Bush was wrong to go to war with Iraq. But as this article explains Kay said Bush was justified to go to war with Iraq and that Iraq was in violation of UN resolution 1441.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Iraqi govt. papers: Saddam bribed Chirac - (United Press International)

Iraqi govt. papers: Saddam bribed Chirac - (United Press International) I knew it thre French were in bed with Iraq. Read the article

Let's get things going.

John Kerry is looking more and more like he's going to win the Democratic primaries. But I think that he can't win a general election against Bush. It will be too hard to run on the economy when it is picking up steam. The jobs might not be there now, but they will come. And I don;t think anyone will be able to beat Bush on an anti-war campaign, because it is too important for us to be in Iraq right now. It will be a much better place when tie US gets rid of all the Saddamites in Iraq. It will be a beacon of hope for the region. It will give the whole region the hope of a democratic society. I don;t think it will be a landslide but Bush will win easily. Things can only change if there is a dramatic event to change the public's approval of Bush. That will be a hard sell. Bush has got a great approval rating right now. Almost all the polls show Bush ahead, except Newsweek's. time to go Stix

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

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