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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

The Daily Telegraph | Iraq abuse insider disciplined

The Daily Telegraph | Iraq abuse insider disciplined All right, if this gut only saw sleep deprivation and having the prisoners stripped, that does nont constitute abuse. Making them do sexual acts and piling their naked bodies on top of eachother constitutes abuse. Sleep deprivation has benn one of the best ways to interigate a prisoner. If you need information, lack of sleep confuses them and evetually they will talk. And having them strip and be naked is in no way abuse. That is a way of breaking them down and extracting information . I agree that using dogs as a threat should not be done, but that is not as bad as what those few people did to disgrace the whole US military. Most of the cases of sleep deprivation and the real abuse cases came form the part of the prison where they hold the terrorist suspects. I think the interogators should all mens neccesary to extract information, but not to sexual abuse and torture the prisoners. Thye have information that will bring an end to all the violence in Iraq. The more information they get about the terrorists cells the faster the military can find them and either take them out or to arrest them.

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