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Thursday, May 27, 2004

FOXNews.com - You Decide 2004 - Kerry: Mideast Instability Is Driving Up Gas Prices

FOXNews.com - You Decide 2004 - Kerry: Mideast Instability Is Driving Up Gas Prices No. Gas prices are rising due to the lack of refineries. We haven't had a new refinery in years. If people like you, John Kerry, would vote to increase our refineries, we would not be in this mess. And the prices are rising because of all the boutique gases that are out there. Every jurisdiction has their own boutique gas for each of the seasons. If we had real national oil policy, we would not be in the mess we are in now either. With every jurisdiction having their own gas, and not having enough refineries to keep those stocks of gas replenished, the gas prices are always going to go up at the turn of every season. We need a comprehensive gas policy that will get rid of all the local v boutique gases, so we don not have this problem in the future. But I think that Kerry would not agree. I assume he and the other enviro-crats would never want that.

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