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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Yahoo! News - Tests Confirm Sarin Gas in Baghdad Bomb

Yahoo! News - Tests Confirm Sarin Gas in Baghdad Bomb Are the Liberals going to still give President Bush a hard time about the WMDs now. We found some WMDs in Iraq. How did they get there, the terrorist fairy? And this article still doesn't get the whole reason the US went into Iraq. We went to Iraq to stop him from producing WMDs, we had intelligence that he had some. But he main reason was to stop Saddam from giving them to Al Queda, PLO and Hamas. We wanted to stop him before he had made enough to give to his friends. Yes. I know the liberals will say that Al Queda and Saddam did no see eye to eye, but they both had a common enemy, us. And there are many stories tying Iraq and Al Queda together. Maybe Osama bin Laden didn't speak to Saddam Hussein face to face, but Iraq was a haven for terrorists. He gave them safe houses and training camps. But I will give the media some props for at least admitting that there was Sarin and Mustard gas in Iraq.

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