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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

MEMRI: Latest News

MEMRI: Latest News Here are what are "friends" in Saudi Arabia are saying. They are just a peace loving people. They are just spreading love all over their country.June 24, 2004 No.29 Incitement to Jihad on Saudi Government-Controlled TV By: Steven Stalinsky* As part of MEMRI's TV Monitoring Project, Saudi government controlled television channels including TV1, TV2 and satellite channels such as Iqraa TV, are continually monitored. [1] These channels include shows with leading Saudi religious figures, professors, members of the royal family, government leaders and intellectuals. Constant themes within Saudi television shows include: calls for the annihilation of Christians and Jews, rampant anti-Americanism and antisemitism, support for Jihad, incitement against U.S. troops in Iraq, and the coming Islamic conquest of the U.S. Segments from these TV shows can be found at www.memriTV.org . Saudi Religious Establishment 'Demonstrated that It is the Body Most Competent … at De-Legitimizing Al Qa'ida's Cultist Ideology' In a June 15 press release, the Saudi Ambassador to the United States, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, maintained that "senior religious scholars in Saudi Arabia have continually and unequivocally condemned terrorism. In our war against terrorism, these condemnations are a powerful weapon."In this statement, as well as in close to two dozen others by the Saudi embassy in Washington D.C. since the Riyadh bombings on March 12, 2003, the government of Saudi Arabia promoted the idea that the royal family and religious establishment have been espousing a message of tolerance. As Nail Al-Jubeir, director of the Saudi information office, said on May 6, 2004: "Our religious establishment has taught moderation to our people. The religious establishment has demonstrated that it is the body most competent and effective at de-legitimizing Al Qa'ida's cultist ideology." In fact, on June 20, 2004, Saudi cleric Dr. Muhammad Bin Suleiman Al-Mani'i hosted a talk show on Saudi TV 1 and spoke out against killing Jews and Christians. Excerpts of his statements include: " Islamic law in general prohibits any Muslim from raising a weapon against any lover of peace – dhimmi (protected person), Jewish or Christian, a merchant, or anyone who enters (the country) on a work contract. Islamic law permits raising a weapon only against whomever aims a weapon at the Muslim in order to fight him." While Al-Mani'i's statement against killing Jews and Christians is almost unprecedented within Saudi Arabia, he went on to explain that if non-Muslims are treated well by Muslims, they will eventually convert to Islam: "The Jewish, Christian, and Zoroastrian subjects had their autonomous rule under Islam, and at the same time these Muslim states, and the caliphs, preserved their rights, treated them well, maintained neighborly relations and dealt with them honestly and in good faith, treated their sick, granted them their rights, and called them to convert to Islam. Therefore, the Jewish, Christian, and other subjects converted to Islam." Saudi Professor: Allah Permits Annihilating Christians and Jews Sheik Dr. Ahmad Abd Al-Latif, a professor at Um Al-Qura University , was asked the following question on Saudi channel TV1 on May 24: "Some imams and preachers call for Allah to annihilate the Jews and those who help them, and the Christians and those who support them… Is it permitted according to Islamic law?" Professor Al-Latif responded: "What made them curse the Jews is that the Jews are oppressors… The same goes for the Christians, because of their cruel aggression against Islamic countries … while the truth is that this is a crusading war whose goal is to harm Muslims. This is why a Muslim is allowed to curse the oppressors from among the Jews and Christians… Cursing the oppressing Jews and the oppressing and plundering Christians and the prayer that Allah will annihilate them is permitted." Former Saudi Embassy Official on 'Big Explosion' Coming Sheik Muhammad Al-Munajid, a disciple of one of Saudi Arabia's most revered religious leaders, Sheik 'Abd Al-'Aziz ibn 'Abdallah ibn Baaz , was identified in a report in the Washington Post on December 11, 2003, as running "a Web site that promotes intolerance of Christians and Jews and calls for holy war on Shiite Muslims," and was included as one of sixteen clerics associated with the Saudi embassy's Islamic Affairs Department who was stripped of diplomatic credentials. Al-Munajid stated on Iqraa TV on April 15: "The issue is not one person, two, ten or a hundred going out with their guns to support their brothers. Defeating the infidels requires a much greater effort. It requires the mobilization of the nation. How can the nation be mobilized? I believe that the stupid acts of these Jews and Crusaders mobilize the nation. The big explosion will come! In spite of everything, it will happen!" Much of Saudi TV is based upon religious programming. Many of these programs refer to the spread of Islam throughout the world and the battle against non-Muslims. On a May 20 episode of Iqraa TV's 'Mushkilat Min Al-Hayat ' (Problems from Life), Saudi Sheik Abdallah Al-Muslih, chairman of the Commission on Scientific Signs in the Koran and Sunnah of the Muslim World League, used evidence from early Islam to support his claim that suicide bombings on enemy land are permitted according to Islamic law: "… Regarding a person who blows himself up, I know this issue is under disagreement among modern clerics and jurisprudents… There is nothing wrong with [martyrdom] if they cause great damage to the enemy. We can say that if it causes great damage to the enemy, this operation is a good thing. This is when we talk of Dar Al-Harb. But, if we speak of what happens in Muslim countries, such as Saudi Arabia … this is forbidden, brothers! This is the land of the Muslims. We must never do this in a Muslim country." Prominent Saudi Professor: Allah Willing, the U.S. Will Collapse Supporting Jihad against U.S. troops in Iraq is the topic of many Saudi TV programs. On May 10, Dr. Yassin Al-Khatib, a professor of Islamic law at Um Al-Qura University, declared on the UAE's Al-Majd TV, which frequently has Saudi guests on it, that "the honor, blood, property and mostly the fact that they entered the country [i.e. Iraq] … make it every Muslim's duty to go out against them, not only the Iraqis. This is every Muslim's duty. Jihad today has become an individual duty that applies to each and every Muslim. It is forbidden for a person to remain silent… When the Muslims fought in Afghanistan they destroyed the Soviet Union, which was a superpower. It collapsed and Allah willing, so will this [the U.S.] collapse." The Coming Islamic Takeover of the U.S. Saudis often discuss the issue of the U.S. becoming a Muslim state in the future. On a March 17 broadcast on Iqraa TV, Saudi preacher Sheik Said Al-Qahtani discussed this issue, as well as the cases in which Muslims are permitted to declare a defensive Jihad: "… We did not occupy the U.S., with 8 million Muslims, using bombings. Had we been patient, and let time take its course, instead of the 8 million, there could have been 80 million [Muslims] and 50 years later perhaps all the US would have become Muslim… What should a Muslim do if he is attacked in his country, on his land? In this case, there is no choice besides defense, self-sacrifice, and what religious scholars call – Defensive Jihad… We attacked their country, and this caused them to wake the dormant enmity in their hearts… Especially since there is global Zionism, the enemy of Islam, and Judaism, and fundamentalist Crusaders… They interpret this whole incident as only the beginning and thus there is no choice but a preemptive strike." Al-Qahtani added on another Iqraa TV show on May 5: "Allah said, 'prepare against them all the force and horsemen that you can.' What for? In order to strike fear into their hearts… At the same time, [we should] establish strategies for the future, even if only for the short term, and prepare … so that one of these days, even 100, 200, or 400 years from now, we will become a force that will be feared by the infidel states." Prominent Saudi Professor: America is on It's Way to Destruction Saudi professor Nasser Bin Suleiman Al-Omar, who runs a large Islamic internet website, www.almoslim.net , appeared on Al-Majd, on June 13, 2004, to discuss the approaching collapse of the U.S. and the growing strength of Muslims within the U.S. Al-Omar stated: "America is collapsing from within. Where are America's principles of justice and democracy? …Islam is advancing according to a steady plan, to the point that tens of thousands of Muslims have joined the American army and Islam is the second largest religion in America. Today, America is defeated. I have no doubt, not even for a minute, that America is on its way to destruction. But as Ibn Khaldoun said, just as it takes decades for nations to rise, it takes them decades to collapse. They don't collapse overnight. Because Communist Russia opposed reality it collapsed immediately. America may not collapse this way. It will be destroyed gradually. America will be destroyed. But we must be patient." Saudi Arabia's Highest Ranking Government-Appointed Cleric: Hopefully the Jews' End Will Soon Occur One month prior to Canada's decision to bar Saudi Arabia's highest ranking government-appointed cleric, Sheikh Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sudayyis, from entering the country, [2] the Saudi preacher gave a sermon on Saudi TV 1 discussing Jihad. Al-Sudayyis, who serves as one of the imams of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, stated: "The history of the Jewish people is written in black ink, and has included a series of murders of the prophets, the Mujaheedin and righteous people… But maybe it is the beginning of their end… You have revived the hopes of this nation through your blessed Jihad… With Allah's help, one of two good things will be awarded you: either victory or martyrdom." On June 11, Al-Sudayyis was given the honor of leading Friday prayers for over 10,000 worshippers gathered in the East London Mosque to hear him call, in English, for interfaith peace and harmony in an event that included Prince Charles via satellite and British Minister for Racial Equality, Fiona MacTaggart . [3] In reaction to the May 1, 2004 terrorist shooting in the offices of an oil contractor in Yunbu', Saudi Arabia, in which seven people, among them two Americans, were killed, Saudi Crown Prince Abdallah ibn Abd Al-'Aziz stated at a gathering of Saudi dignitaries, including top Muslim clerics and preachers, that "the Zionists" were to blame. The statement was made at a May 2 gathering of the royal family, which aired on Saudi TV 1: "Be assured that the Zionist are behind everything. This is certain. I don't say this with 100% [confidence], but with 95%." In addition to other leading Saudi officials, such as Interior Minister Prince Nayef, the following day Dr. Salem Al-Aufi, the secretary general of King Fahd Center for Printing the Koran, reiterated on Saudi TV 1: "Yesterday we heard the Crown Prince say that Zionism is behind these attacks. Who helps them carry out these kinds of attacks? Who gives them money? Who gives them weapons? Who presents them with the evil ideology that brought them to this? There is no doubt that behind this, there are international organizations aspiring to undermine this country's security, and terminate its achievements, and at the top of these organizations stands Zionism, the enemy of the religion." Saudi Royal Family Can End Jihad Programming at Any Time According to the websites of the television channels mentioned in this article, programming is presented by the Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information and is advertised as a "balanced blend of religious and cultural programs." The Ministry of Culture and Information's website indicates that it is responsible for the Kingdom's television and radio broadcasting and publication of printed material, and one of its defined roles includes the undertaking of information campaigns for the Kingdom. Therefore, the Saudi royal family can end its support for Jihad programming at any time. *Steven Stalinsky is Executive Director of MEMRI. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [1] Today, as part ofMEMRI's Capitol HillLecture Series, Senators Susan Collins (R-ME), Charles Schumer (D-NY), and Rick Santorum (R-PA) sponsored a MEMRI briefing that included a screening of recent broadcasts from Saudi government-controlled TV. Many of these broadcasts include anti-American incitement, antisemitism, and support for Jihad. [2] According to the May 15, 2004 edition of the National Post (Canada), Conservative Canadian MP Jason Kenney said: "Al-Sudayyis refers to Jews as 'the scum of the Earth,' and he exhorts his followers against the Christian 'worshippers of the cross' and the 'idol-worshipping Hindus.'" [3] Arab News (Saudi Arabia), June 12, 2004. Taken from MEMRI.

Wictory Wednesday

http://blogsforbush.com/wictory.html Posted by Hello Today is Wictory Wednesday. Every Wednesday, I ask my readers to volunteer and/or donate to the Bush 2004 campaign. If you're a blogger, you can join Wictory Wednesdays simply by putting up a post like this one every Wednesday, asking your readers to volunteer and/or donate to the Bush campaign. E-mail me at wictory@blogsforbush.com so that I can add you to the Wictory Wednesday blogroll, which will be part of the Wictory Wednesday post on all participating blogs:

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The New York Times > Breaking News, World News & Multimedia

The New York Times > Breaking News, World News & Multimedia Don't you just lovew the unbiased NY Times. they have a Kerry ad right on the front page

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story "Since the September 11 attacks and the defeat of the Taliban, as Qaeda's funding has decreased significantly. The arrests or deaths of several important financial facilitators have decreased the amount of money al Qaeda has raised and increased the costs and difficulty of raising and moving that money. "Some entirely corrupt charities are now out of business, with many of their principals killed or captured, although some charities may still be providing support to al Qaeda. "Moreover, it appears that the al Qaeda attacks within Saudi Arabia in May and November 2003 have reduced - perhaps drastically - at Qaeda's ability to raise funds from Saudi sources. Both an increase in Saudi enforcement and a more negative perception of al Qaeda by potential donors have cut its income." [END OF EXCERPT] Why has this not been ion the media all over the place. Oh, I forgot they want Kery to win. Anything good for the Bush White House is bad for Kerry. So they will never publish it. But instead distort it. Like how the NY Times said there wad no ties between Saddam adn Al Quaida.

Michael Moore. The Queen of Hearts Posted by Hello

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story I just wish I could have been there to see Brokaw's face when he said this: "We know that this is an extension to what has happened in New York. And the war [has] been taken out to Iraq by the same terrorists. Saddam was a potential friend and partner and natural ally of terrorism."

On Campus

On Campus Here is a very good article about the Educrats in North Carolina.

A compilation of Iraqis on their independece day

taken from A Small Victory. 1 Hail our true friends, the Great People of the United States of America; The Freedom giving Republic, the nation of Liberators. Never has the world known such a nation, willing to spill the blood of her children and spend the treasure of her land even for the sake of the freedom and well being of erstwhile enemies. The tree of friendship is going to grow and grow and bear fruit as sure as day follows night. And the people deep down at the bottom of their hearts, they appreciate. Make no mistake about that. The people have voted today, the pulse of the street is clear, without any hesitation I would give 90% of all Iraqis are hopeful and supportive of the new government, and this is a tacit indirect yes to the U.S. which has been the prime mover of all these events. This is what the foolish fail to understand. Why is this a different situation from that for example of a Vietnam? The answer is very simple: Because, the U.S. has achieved something very popular around here; which is the removal of the Saddam regime. Those who are really against the U.S. from amongst the Iraqis have been and remain a small minority; all other forms of resentment are simply disappointment and disgruntlement resulting from the discomfiture of the present situation and will simply disappear with progress and gradual improvement. -- Aala Read the rest. 2 Our hope and our goal is to see the day when we can elect our representatives freely and more important is to be aware that the process is moving as we wish and there will be no room for those who dream of bringing back the past. I can see only one bright road and I believe that going to the end is worth the sacrifice and we’ll never be discouraged by the dark pictures shown by the evil propaganda machines. To me, we didn’t get rid of a military occupation today as I never considered the coalition’s presence as an occupation even if the whole world told me that I’m wrong. Today we were freed for ever from the fear that a man and his family might once again control Iraq. -- Mohammed Read the rest. 3 Thank you united state of America for your great Job you done here . Thank you coalitions forces for you brave work and supporting good. Thank you all Brave mans ,who lost there life here ,your bloods will be the river of hope for us. Thank you all good friends out there ,thank you for being with us all the way , minute by minute ,day by day ,living our sadness and happiness ,standing beside us ,encouraging us Supporting us ,worry about us ,we always felt that you are there beside us ,with us . Thank you all brave Iraqis who stand out there to fight for better future and freedom. I will go now to celebrate with all people for this happy moments ,it has been long time since we celebrate . -- Sarmad Read the rest. 4 I hold high hopes in Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi and his courageous team. Yes, you could say every negative thing about them. But, those people wake up every morning to go to work not knowing if they'll be alive be end of the day. Cowards don't do that. Thank you to everyone who helped Iraq since the collapse of Saddam's regime. Thank you to everyone who encouraged the Iraqi bloggers to write their thoughts even when everyone felt down. No, I'm not going to stop blogging. I'm just thankful to the people who read these amateur Iraqi blogs, which represent the new Iraq and its newborn democracy. -- Fayrouz Read the rest. 5 Today is new day and it is a great day for all Iraqis and for freedom lovers. I have been waiting for a day like today for the last twenty two years I have lived here in the states. I as well as so many Iraqis thought we would never see a day like today. However, the day the coalitions decide to proceed toward Baghdad, I thought that is the beginning to a new era. Anyway that is that and we have to look forward and toward the future of Iraq. There are so much potential for Iraq as a country not to mention the people of Iraq. Now they have tasted some freedom they will never let go of it, I am certain of that. I am extremely optimistic about the new government and the new Iraq -- Baghdadi Read the rest. 28 June 2004

The final word on the Uniformed Secret Service

Taken from Moorewatch Here is just another example of iether Michale Moore's idocy, or total distortion of the truth. Either he knew the Secret Service was going to be there or he did not do any kind of research on his "documentary". I really don;t think I even need to see it after hearing all of the lies and misrepresentations that are on the internet about his "documentary". I don't wnat ot go see it anfd give him one red cent. For someone who hates America so much, he is getting his money for living in an open society that let's him make such a movie. If he lived in most of the world he would have been thrown in jail and tortured for making such a propoganda film like this. He’re a good example of Moore carefully crafting language to give you an impression that is, bluntly, not the truth. This is not a lie persay, but rather a distortion, a manipulation, a gentle nudge and a wink to make you believe something sinister is going on so that you take the rest of his allegations all the more seriously. I am going to categorize it in “F911 Lies” and “Polemics” since it is straddling the fence of both categories. The scene: Moore and Craig Unger are standing across the street from the Saudi embassy in D.C. Uniformed officers congregate across the way, confer for a moment and one of them makes his way to Michael, where he asks if they’re making a documentary about the Saudi Arabian embassy. Moore says that are making a documentary, and part of it is about the Saudis. Then comes the voiceover: "Even though we were no where near the White House, for some reason the Secret Service had shown up to ask us what we were doing standing across the street from the Saudi Embassy."What. A. Crock. Let’s examine the language. Moore has carefully crafted this to imply something nefarious...but let’s break it down. "Even though we were no where near the White House." So? Completely inflammatory language designed to have you connect theses police officers with having been somehow “sent” by Bush to “silence” Moore. "for some reason the Secret Service had shown up" For some reason? We covered this awhile ago here at MOOREWATCH, and it took me five. That’s 1, 2, 3, 4, FIVE minutes with Google to get the full story on who that guard is. You can read all about it for yourself, right here. If Moore has such a fantastic team of fact checkers, and he’s so concerned with accuracy, why is is maligning the Uniformed Secret Service? Why is he implying that they should be be where they are? Their mandate: In 1970, Public Law 91-217 expanded the role of the White House Police, newly named the Executive Protective Service, to include protection of diplomatic missions in the Washington, D.C.,area. Congress later added the protection of the Vice President’s immediate family to the Executive Protective Service’s growing responsibilities in 1974. After several name revisions, the force officially adopted its current name, the United States Secret Service Uniformed Division in 1977. While protection of the White House Complex remains its primary mission, the Uniformed Division’s responsibilities have expanded greatly over the years. They now protect the following: * the White House Complex, the Main Treasury Building and Annex, and other Presidential offices; * the President and members of the immediate family; * the temporary official residence of the Vice President in the District of Columbia; * the Vice President and members of the immediate family; and * foreign diplomatic missions in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area and throughout the United States, and its territories and possessions, as prescribed by statute. Why is it that I, some doofus sitting in a living room in Hamden, CT, can find this information that clears up the “some reason” why a Uniformed Secret Service officer would be asking what a camera crew is doing outside a foreign embassy, but Moore cannot seem to explain it? And finally, to ask us what we were doing standing across the street from the Saudi Embassy. And? That would be their job. Did Moore stand across the street from any other embassy that day, filming, pointing and conferring with another guy only to be ignored by the Uniformed Secret Service? Consider the fact that a terrorist or a militia nut might do the same damned thing in order to case the building. If the building, or any embassy, had been attacked by someone who scoped it out by behaving the same way Unger and Moore behaved, everyone would wonder what the cops didn’t at least stop and ask the guy why he was filming an embassy. What we have here is a segment that lasts 2:28. As we’ve been told, 7 minutes is an eternity, so 2:28 is a significant chunk of a film to devote to this segment. One problem, though...the only thing wrong in this segment is the words chosen by Moore in the voiceover. Moore and Unger did nothing wrong by filming the buildings and talking, and the officers did nothing wrong by asking him what he was doing. So why even use the footage? No one did anything wrong or anything that could be misinterpreted as wrong. What is the point? The point was to connect the Secret Service with guarding the Saudis, and to plant the impression that Moore was being harassed, possibly by the White House, since that’s where the Secret Service should be according to Moore. A simple Google search...35 seconds of his time, would have resulted in this segment being rendered useless. Unless… He already knows the guards are supposed to be there. And he’s hoping, once again, that the American people will be too dumb or too lazy to find out the truth. Posted by JimK on 06/29 at 05:00 PM • Discuss this in the forums

The Daily Times

The Daily Times: "Normal people aren't routinely accorded the benefit of having their court disputes kept secret. Why should the rich and powerful be treated any differently? They shouldn't be." But it is ok to open up the sealed documents of a Republican though. Some people reasonably believe that how people act in their private affairs can be a window into how they will act in their public dealings. If a person has a messy, undisciplined private life, it is not unlikely some of that will spill over into how they conduct themselves in business or politics. Some voters put a lot of stock in the private lives of candidates. It’s why many candidates seek to portray themselves of solid, decent family people. Politicians know that voters don’t just vote for the political positions candidates take. They often vote for the person they feel most comfortable with and like personally. And this is the reason so many people thought Bill Clinton was the wrong person for the White House. He walked all over the consritution by purjoring himself and thought that he weas above the law. He made the presicency look like a joke. No wonder 12 and 13 year olds are doing sex acts on schoolbuses and in classrooms. He made getting a hummer the thing to do. We, in the media, will have no such excuse for printing the sordid and unhappy details of the Kerrys’ break-up. As I said before it is ok for the sordid details for a Republican to be releadsed, but not the lovable left with their I am better thatn thou attitude towards eveyone. PLease give me a break.

San Francisco rolls out the red carpet for the Clintons

San Francisco rolls out the red carpet for the Clintons: "'Many of you are well enough off that ... the tax cuts may have helped you,' Sen. Clinton said. 'We're saying that for America to get back on track, we're probably going to cut that short and not give it to you. We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.' " This just says what all the liberals think. Since you got more and worked for it, we are going to take it away. Isn't this tight out of the Communist hand book. Take fro the people that have money and spread it around, so no one will have any kind of incentive to make more money. It is utterly rediculous concept. Do we want to be like Europe and have people just work and not strive for a bettter life for themselves. In Europe productivity is at a all time low, because you have a job for life and don't get paid for wroking harder. Remember we had this during Carter's administration. All time high inflation, misery index at a all time high and many people had lost thier pride in thier country. We do not need to got back the the malaise of the 70's with this kind of thinking. It is bad for every worker. It will just keep the poor poor and make the rich hide thier money and not spend their money. It will ruin the economy and business will loose thier productivity. If the left hasn't figures it out yet, socialism has never worked a will never work.

My mom got this today from W and Laura. Posted by Hello

From the Weekly Standard

The Weekly Standard Good Times, Bad Times From the July 5 / July 12, 2004 issue: The New York Times can't decide whether or not there's a connection between Saddam and al Qaeda. by William Kristol 07/05/2004, Volume 009, Issue 41 Here is the New York Times, editorializing in high dudgeon on June 17: Now President Bush should apologize to the American people. . . . Of all the ways Mr. Bush persuaded Americans to back the invasion of Iraq last year, the most plainly dishonest was his effort to link his war of choice with the battle against terrorists worldwide. . . . Mr. Bush and his top advisers . . . should have known all along that there was no link between Iraq and Al Qaeda. Here are excerpts from a front-page article by Thom Shanker in the New York Times one week later, on June 25: Contacts between Iraqi intelligence agents and Osama bin Laden when he was in Sudan in the mid-1990s were part of a broad effort by Baghdad to work with organizations opposing the Saudi ruling family, according to a newly disclosed document obtained by the Americans in Iraq. . . . The new document, which appears to have circulated only since April, was provided to the New York Times several weeks ago. . . . A translation of the new Iraqi document was reviewed by a Pentagon working group in the spring . . . The task force concluded that the document "appeared authentic," and that it "corroborates and expands on previous reporting" about contacts between Iraqi intelligence and Mr. bin Laden in Sudan, according to the task force's analysis. . . . The document, which asserts that Mr. bin Laden "was approached by our side," states that Mr. bin Laden previously "had some reservations about being labeled an Iraqi operative," but was now willing to meet in Sudan, and that "presidential approval" was granted to the Iraqi security service to proceed. . . . The document is of interest to American officials as a detailed, if limited, snapshot of communications between Iraqi intelligence and Mr. bin Laden, but this view ends with Mr. bin Laden's departure from Sudan. At that point, Iraqi intelligence officers began "seeking other channels through which to handle the relationship, in light of his current location," the document states. Members of the Pentagon task force that reviewed the document said it described no formal alliance being reached between Mr. bin Laden and Iraqi intelligence. The Iraqi document itself states that "co-operation between the two organizations should be allowed to develop freely through discussion and agreement." . . . The Iraqi document states that Mr. bin Laden's organization in Sudan was called "The Advice and Reform Commission." The Iraqis were cued to make their approach to Mr. bin Laden in 1994 after a Sudanese official visited Uday Hussein, the leader's son, as well as the director of Iraqi intelligence, and indicated that Mr. bin Laden was willing to meet in Sudan. A former director of operations for Iraqi intelligence Directorate 4 met with Mr. bin Laden on Feb. 19, 1995, the document states. So much for "no link between Iraq and al Qaeda." So much for the claim of the Times editorial, and of its page-one headline the same day mischaracterizing the 9/11 Commission staff report. We look forward to the editors' apology. More important, we look forward to the Bush administration seriously and relentlessly engaging the debate over the Saddam-al Qaeda terror connection. We hope we do not wait in vain. Vice President Cheney did sally forth last week, the day after the release of the 9/11 Commission staff report. But he hasn't much followed up since then, and others have been mostly silent. Does the Bush team really think it can command majority support for the war in Iraq if it allows its opponents an uncontested field to make the case that Saddam had no significant links to terrorists? After all, the situation on the ground in Iraq is likely to remain ambiguous over the next few months. So simply depending on things to turn out well after the June 30 turnover of power is, to say the least, politically risky. Large caches of weapons of mass destruction are unlikely to turn up soon. This does not mean Saddam's history of concealing his weapons programs from inspectors was not a solid ground for his removal. But it does mean that the WMD issue is not a likely winner for the administration. The terror link issue, by contrast, should be a clear winner. Saddam and Osama had a "relationship" in the past, and sought continuing "cooperation" between their two "organizations." Could the president of the United States have simply left Saddam in power, with sanctions coming off, reconstituting his weapons programs, confident that Saddam and al Qaeda would not work together again in the future? Would this have been a reasonable course of action? This is a genuinely important debate for the country to have in this election year. It is a good debate for the Bush administration--if it has the wit and the nerve to engage it. --William Kristol C Copyright 2004, News Corporation, Weekly Standard, All Rights Reserved.

Iraqi post on Andrew Sullivan

Found at Andrew Sullivan. YOU WON'T READ THIS: ... in the New York Times. So here it is , from the indispensable Iraqi blogger, Omar: The hall was busy and everyone was chatting and laughing loud. They had Al-Jazeera on (something I never managed to convince them to stop doing). Then suddenly Mr. Bremer appeared on TV reading his last speech before he left Iraq. I approached the TV to listen carefully to the speech, as I expected it to be difficult in the midst of all that noise. To my surprise everyone stopped what they were doing and started watching as attentively as I was. The speech was impressive and you could hear the sound of a needle if one had dropped it at that time. The most sensational moment was the end of the speech when Mr. Bremer used a famous Arab emotional poem. The poem was for a famous Arab poet who said it while leaving Baghdad. Al-Jazeera had put an interpreter who tried to translate even the Arabic poem which Mr. Bremer was telling in a fair Arabic! "Let this damned interpreter shut up. We want to hear what the man is saying." One of my colloquies shouted. The scene was very touching that the guy sitting next to me (who used to sympathize with Muqtada) said "He's going to make me cry!" Then he finished his speech by saying in Arabic, "A'ash Al-Iraq, A'ash Al-Iraq, A'ash Al-Iraq"! (Long live Iraq, Long live Iraq, long live Iraq). I was deeply moved by this great man's words but I couldn't prevent myself from watching the effect of his words on my friends who some of them were anti-Americans and some were skeptic, although some of them have always shared my optimism. I found that they were touched even more deeply than I was. I turned to one friend who was a committed She'at and who distrusted America all the way. He looked as if he was bewitched, and I asked him, "So, what do you think of this man? Do you still consider him an invader?" My friend smiled, still touched and said, "Absolutely not! He brought tears to my eyes. God bless him." Another friend approached me. This one was not religious but he was one of the conspiracy theory believers. He put his hands on my shoulders and said smiling, "I must admit that I'm beginning to believe in what you've been telling us for months and I'm beginning to have faith in America. I never thought that they will hand us sovereignty in time. These people have shown that they keep their promises." Now let's keep our deeper promise and stand by the Iraqi people as they struggle against Jihadism toward freedom. - 5:32:13 PM

My Way - News

My Way - News And John Kerry wants us to get approval from the French whenever we need to protect ourselves. Why do we still call the French and Ally. They have been against us in everything we have done in the War on Terror.

Senator Kennedy Resignation

Here is a petition for Sen Ted Kennedy to resign from office. It was started by Cavelier. To: United States Senate At some point, we will have to muster the courage to face the facts about Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy (D-Ma). Since the decision to remove Saddam Hussein from power was made, his criticisms of the President have become more shrill and accusatory. The First Amendment protects the right to freedom of speech that we all have, within certain limits. (For instance, one cannot yell "Fire!" in a crowded building if there isn't one.) However, Ted Kennedy has crossed those limits in his excessively vitriolic attacks on the President and his decision to liberate Iraq from Saddam Hussein. President Bush, having been granted the Authorization for Use of Military Force in Iraq by Congress, decided to use that authorised force to remove Saddam Hussein from power. Whether the liberation of Iraq was justified as part of the War on Terror became merely an argument for historians at that point, in a certain respect. The fact is that the United States was and remains at war, like it or not. Though our Taliban enemies and Saddam Hussein were swiftly defeated, the larger war against terrorism and the States that support it has not ended. At the moment, it is concentrated in that same Iraq that was once a prime supporter of terrorists under Saddam, including the open payment of $25,000 to the family of at least one Hamas suicide bomber, and $10,000 to other Palestinian militants. Our enemies now are the terrorists that have poured into Iraq to prevent that country from becoming an open and democratic nation. We do have enemies, and our enemies have chosen this war and this battleground. We cannot retreat from it. Whether we like it or not, whether we agree on how we got there or not, we are at war with them in Iraq now. The recent horrific beheading of Nick Berg shows us exactly what kind of people those enemies are, and what they want. We must rid the Middle East of these terrorists -- that's what the War on Terror is all about. And Ted Kennedy has repeatedly given aid and comfort to the enemy in various ways in the course of this war. He has sought to undermine the credibility of the commander-in-chief by accusing him of manufacturing the case for war in Iraq for his own personal and political ends. "This was made up in Texas, announced in January [2003] to the Republican leadership that war was going to take place and was going to be good politically. This whole thing was a fraud," Kennedy said in September 2003. The resolution authorising the war became law by Congressional vote in October 2002, three months earlier. In October 2003 Kennedy said, "The trumped up reasons for going to war have collapsed," and "the President's war has been revealed as mindless, needless, senseless, and reckless." These accusations can only have a detrimental effect on the morale of our armed forces fighting "the President's war" and American credibility in the world. He has sought to decrease the effectiveness of America's ability to wage war by demanding that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld be fired in the middle of a war. "I think we need a new beginning," Kennedy said after Rumsfeld's testimony before the Senate regarding the mistreatment of some prisoners in Iraq. By all accounts the abuse seems to have been performed by guards exceeding their orders, on their own initiative. When the abuse was reported, it was immediately investigated. The report from Major General Taguba found, as he told the Senate, that there were no actual orders given to the guards or policy set to mistreat the prisoners, though it was "suggested" that they set the "conditions for the successful exploitation of internees." There is no evidence whatsoever that Rumsfeld had anything to do with it, yet this situation is being used to demand his replacement. Removing the Secretary of Defense on such a flimsy pretext in the middle of an ongoing conflict would cause a serious disruption of our military's coherence and efficacy. He has sought to damage the morale of US troops in the field of combat by comparing them to Saddam Hussein's torture squads, speaking of the same prisoner mistreatment. "On March 19, 2004, President Bush asked, 'Who would prefer that Saddam's torture chambers still be open?'" said Kennedy. "Shamefully, we now learn that Saddam's torture chambers reopened under new management: U.S. management." Saddam Hussein's torture methodology included eye gouging, the piercing of hands with an electric drill, suspension until ligaments were torn, acid baths and feeding the victim feet-first into a plastic shredder. It is infamous and outrageous when our enemies compare the US military to Saddam's State-sanctioned torturers. How much more so when a sitting US Senator does it? Title 18, Part I, Chapter 115, Section 2381 of the United States Legal Code defines "treason" in the following way: "Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason." Senator Kennedy's accusations have given comfort to our enemies, who must surely think that they can force us to back down from them when they hear his vitriolic attacks. His words have aided the enemy by sapping the morale of American troops facing them in Iraq and Afghanistan. For the successful prosecution of the fight against terrorism, our enemies must see that while we may argue amongst ourselves, we are united against them. For the good of the country, Senator Kennedy must step down from the Senate. Sincerely, The Undersigned

To show some prospective about the abise scandal in Abu Graib

From the Right Wing News Prepare yourself, because this is just an unbelievably horrible story about what used to go on in Iraq before George Bush put a stop to it... "Ibrahim Idrissi has mixed feelings about the recent uproar caused by the abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib under the US occupation. "As a humanitarian organization, we oppose this," he says. "But these are soldiers who have come to Iraq to fight, not to be prison guards. It was to be expected. Of course, if there are innocent people in there ... it is possible, I guess, that some of them are innocent." If Idrissi seems a bit callous about the fate of the Iraqis in US-run jails, he has probably earned the right to differ. He recalls a day in 1982, at the General Security prison in Baghdad: "They called all the prisoners out to the courtyard for what they called a 'celebration.' We all knew what they meant by 'celebration.' All the prisoners were chained to a pipe that ran the length of the courtyard wall. One prisoner, Amer al-Tikriti, was called out. They said if he didn't tell them everything they wanted to know, they would show him torture like he had never seen. He merely told them he would show them patience like they had never seen." "This is when they brought out his wife, who was five months pregnant. One of the guards said that if he refused to talk he would get 12 guards to rape his wife until she lost the baby. Amer said nothing. So they did. We were forced to watch. Whenever one of us cast down his eyes, they would beat us." "Amer's wife didn't lose the baby. So the guard took a knife, cut her belly open and took the baby out with his hands. The woman and child died minutes later. Then the guard used the same knife to cut Amer's throat." There is a moment of silence. Then Idrissi says: "What we have seen about the recent abuse at Abu Ghraib is a joke to us." The Idrissis, and many families like them, feel that people in Iraq have too quickly relegated the horrors of the old regime to the annals of history. "But it is not the past to us," says Idrissi. "The mother of the person who was killed, his brothers and sisters, they are alive. We are still living the nightmare every day." Keep that in mind when people like Al Gore & Ted Kennedy try to claim that we're just as bad as Saddam. When you hear people like John Kerry, Ted Rall, Michael Moore, & Nancy Pelosi trying to tell you that Bush is a rotten guy, remember that if they had been in charge, Saddam's torture chambers & rape rooms would be open for business and manned by the same sort of people who are sawing the heads off of helpless hostages in Iraq. Better that pregnant women get gang raped and murdered in front of their husbands than for Bush to be the one to get credit for stopping it.... Why is this stuff not shown on the major "mainstream" media outlets. What the US soldiers did at Abu Graib was wrong. BUt it does not compare in any way ro what Saddam and his thugs did when he was in power. there are many more stories I heard about his thugs raping, killing, having dogs eat people alive, have people drink gasoline, and many other that are worse than that. And to have the US "media" show pictures of the prisoners of Abu Graib for months and months, and not telling the stories of these horrific abuses is beyond comprehension. They had some of theses stories on the HIstory Channel and Discovery, but it did not get any play on the "mainstream media" outlets like ABC, CBS, or NBC.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Moore's Film Is Shocking Propaganda

Moore's Film Is Shocking Propaganda A very good column buy Ed Koch.

Statistics on Progress Made in Iraq

Statistics on Progress Made in Iraq Her eis some of the good news you will not see in the "mainstream" press.

My Way News

My Way News The Iraqi people now have the hope an dreams of the US behind them. We hope that they will have a lasing impact on the rest of the Middle East and be a bneacon of hope. That is why all the terrirism is happening in Iraq. Now with the Iraqis in power of their own country, we hope that the terrorism will cease, but I do not see that hapeneing. The terrorists are not for freedom of the Iraqi people, they want thier own brand of government. They want a theocray in charge with their own rules an regulations to surpress the people. This is a great day in the Iraqi people's lives. They have a chance to have a free society to use to help the rest of the Middle East learn the ways of a free democratic society.

Love In A Time Of Danger by Right Thinking Girl

This is a very good post by Right Thinking Girl posted on Right Wing News. It is very good. It is a must read. It is very touching and sweet. But in a way it is tragic. Hopefully he will get over the nightmares of 9/11. His story is the reason why we are foghting the terrorists all over the world. We do not want any more of him around. It is sad that he has lost his wife for no other reason than being in the US. This is the real reason we are in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places in the world. We need to stop more lives from being ruined by these Islamists. They have no remorse and no respect for life.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Your Guide To The Liberal View Of Foreign Policy & Defending America

This is one of the best ways of explaining the left's thought's on foreign policy. It is a must read. The Right Wing News is a one of my favorite blogs to read.

Saturday, June 26, 2004


Mirror.co.uk - THE AWKWARD CONSCIENCE OF A NATION He really doe s hate America. Just read this poart of the Mirror article. If you think you know someone who loathes Bush, American imperialism, big business, right-wingers, oh, and Tony Blair's poodle act, then multiply their hatred by a hundred and you get close to Moore's level of contempt. I don;t think I could have said it better

Friday, June 25, 2004

Major Web Attack May Steal Financial Data

Major Web Attack May Steal Financial Data Everyone make sure your anti-virus software is up-to-date.

The New York Times > Washington > The Intelligence: Iraqis, Seeking Foes of Saudis, Contacted bin Laden, File Says

The New York Times > Washington > The Intelligence: Iraqis, Seeking Foes of Saudis, Contacted bin Laden, File Says I wonder how far the goal posts are going to again. The left will find some way of saying this doesn't matter. There are a lot more documents that tie Al Quaida and Saddam together. BUt the goal posts are jut moved farther back to the left. They will never see the truth. Just like the WMDs. They are finding more and more eveidence that Saddam was working on them, but that isnpt enough. They need a nuke in the middle of Baghdad or big old stockpile of VX gas shells to say that WMDs were in Iraq. Just like the Al Quaida adn Saddam links were oput firth during the Clinton presidency, Clinton's White Housse also said that Saddam had WMDs. But today the left ay that it never happened. Like I said they have amnisia. Or as some people are saying they are insane. You deceide for yourself.

Clinton first linked al Qaeda to Saddam - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - June 25, 2004

Clinton first linked al Qaeda to Saddam - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - June 25, 2004 And now the Democrats are saying there is no link netween Saddam and Al Quaida. Amazing now since it isn't a Democrat in the White House they change their mind. Do they have amnisia??????


Hollywoodreporter.com This sounds like a good film fetival to go to. I might have to save up some money to go down there and see theses films, because they will probaby never be seen in regular movie theaters.

Newsday.com: Sen. Miller to Speak at GOP Convention

Newsday.com: Sen. Miller to Speak at GOP Convention PLease Sen. Miller don't leave the Senate. In fact stay and convert to the Republicna Party. Your party has left you. It is no nore the party of John F Kennedy, Scoop Jackson and the Democrats in the past. It is the party of extreme left thought and has veered way to the left. It has Nancy Pelosi as the leader in the House and Sen. "KKK" Byrd as the leader of the Senate. It is a shame that the left has taken over the Democratic party. It will probably split the party in a few years. And there will be more and more people like Sen. Miller talking at Republican Conventions.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Never Foget

Here is a great tribute ro all those people on 9/11. I found it on Just Talkin's blog. It is very touching asnd very inspirational.

Yahoo! News - RNC Statement on Al Gore's Speech Today

Yahoo! News - RNC Statement on Al Gore's Speech Today RNC response


Here is Algore's speech.

Yahoo! News - Canucks star Todd Bertuzzi charged with assault after on-ice punch

Yahoo! News - Canucks star Todd Bertuzzi charged with assault after on-ice punch I think he shoud be charged. I don't know if he should never be able to play hockey again. He is a great player, but I always hated him when he played against the St. Louis Blues. He may have had no intention to hurt Moore, but he was out of control. He lost it. McSorley incident was no as bad I think as Bertuzzi's. But he was pushed out of hockey. I don;t think this should happen to Bertuzzi, he should have a second chance to play. But if he has any other kinds of incidents like this he should be banned from the NHL for life.


Here is a good post by the JunkYardBlog about a WSJ article.

Michael Moore

I was just reading the Right Wing News adn ran across this post. It was amazing how this post comments went to Nazism. Here is my post in the comment page : I cna;t believe anuone would believe anything that comes out of MM moouth. He has been proven many times of distorting the truth in all of his films and books. He could not tell the truth if his life depended on it. If you want more proof of MM lies got to http://www.michaelmoorehatesamerica.com/linksFAQ.html . It tells how he misled and lied about all of his movies, especially Bowling For Columbine. And the Nazi and conservative debate. The "left or liberal" and the "right otr conservative" to the rest of the world or in history does not fit in with American politics. The left and right of the US is very different from the rest of the world. Hitlere was a totalitarian, which he may have been on the "right" of Nazism, but that does not compare anything to a conservative in the US. The "right" in the US is for the fereedom of all the people from the government. To try and bring people out of the clutches of govenment programs that keep them poor. Hitler, just wanted power for himself, not unlike the "left" of the US today. The "left" wants people reliant on the goevenment for everything (sicialism, to distribute the wealth (comminism). So in no way was Nazism come close to what the "right" in the US. And yes it was the Republican "right" that passed the Civil Rights bill. The "right" wants a color blind society and not break people up in groups. We might be Polish-American, Afriacn-American, etc. , etc. But we are Americans first. Unlike the "left" who wants to put everyone into groups. It just amazes me how the Democrate "left" compare Nazism to the "right" in the US. they got it all wrong. Nazism was neither "right" or "left" in our political sense. It was a totalitarian state. It does not fit in with the "left" or "right" political views of the US. It is asinine to try and compare Nazism to the "right" of the US, but it is closer to the "left" in the US.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story Some of Clinton's tirade at the BBC interview.

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story I can't believe it. CNN said something that was wrong! You have to be kidding me. I thought that they said the truth all the time.

Unfairenheit 9/11 - The lies of Michael Moore. By Christopher�Hitchens

Unfairenheit 9/11 - The lies of Michael Moore. By Christopher�Hitchens: "To describe this film as dishonest and demagogic would almost be to promote those terms to the level of respectability. To describe this film as a piece of crap would be to run the risk of a discourse that would never again rise above the excremental. To describe it as an exercise in facile crowd-pleasing would be too obvious. Fahrenheit 9/11 is a sinister exercise in moral frivolity, crudely disguised as an exercise in seriousness. It is also a spectacle of abject political cowardice masking itself as a demonstration of 'dissenting' bravery." This pretty much says it all about the movie Fairenheit 9/11.

Wictory Wednesday

http://blogsforbush.com/wictory.html Posted by Hello Today is Wictory Wednesday. Every Wednesday, I ask my readers to volunteer and/or donate to the Bush 2004 campaign. If you're a blogger, you can join Wictory Wednesdays simply by putting up a post like this one every Wednesday, asking your readers to volunteer and/or donate to the Bush campaign. E-mail me at wictory@blogsforbush.com so that I can add you to the Wictory Wednesday blogroll, which will be part of the Wictory Wednesday post on all participating blogs:

Post Traumatic Slave Disorder

I was watching Bill O'Reilly the other night and saw this amazing story. Some gut beat to death his 2 year old kid. And the defense has put up as a defense the Post Traumatic Slave Disorder theory. Post Traumatic Slave Disorder is the theory that black people in America are violent because of the abuses done during slavery. So, if you beat to death you child, it is because of the White society. This is just an amazing theory. The one who was defending this theory on the show said that before the White men came to Africa to take them as salves, the Africans did not have any kind of violent behavior like this. This is just utterly FALSE. If it was not for some of the Africans themselves selling Africans into slavery, there been no slaves in the US. This aisle goes back to the reparations to black Americans for slavery. So should the tribes that sold slaves over 200 years ago pay black Americans reparations also. Hell, even to this day slavery is rampant in Africa. There is also a lot of slavery in the Midlle Eastern Arab countries and in many Eastern European countries also. Also there have been many wars between tribes in Africa long before slavery was around. As long as there are people around the world there will be some kind of conflict between them. It is human nature. But back to this case. This theory says that this guy killed his kid because African American were slaves over 200 years ago. So he should be convicted of a lesser crime because of slavery 200 years ago. So if a gangster kills a few people in a drive by, he should be confided of aggravated assault instead of murder??? It is never the criminals fault, it is always society's fault that they kill, murder, rape, etc. etc. etc.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Joel Mowbray: NY Times and Washington Post Get It Wrong�Yet Again

Joel Mowbray: NY Times and Washington Post Get It Wrong�Yet Again Another good column. This one is by Joel Mowbray.

Dennis Prager: So, we're hated

Dennis Prager: So, we're hated Here is a good column by Dennis Prager.

TCS: Tech Central Station - Critics are Still Confusing Proof and Evidence

TCS: Tech Central Station - Critics are Still Confusing Proof and Evidence Another good read about the connections between Iraq and Al Quaida. "Iraqi intelligence documents from 1992 list Osama bin Laden as an Iraqi intelligence asset. Numerous sources have reported a 1993 nonaggression pact between Iraq and al Qaeda. The former deputy director of Iraqi intelligence now in U.S. custody says that bin Laden asked the Iraqi regime for arms and training in a face-to-face meeting in 1994. Senior al Qaeda leader Abu Hajer al Iraqi met with Iraqi intelligence officials in 1995. The National Security Agency intercepted telephone conversations between al Qaeda-supported Sudanese military officials and the head of Iraq's chemical weapons program in 1996. Al Qaeda sent Abu Abdallah al Iraqi to Iraq for help with weapons of mass destruction in 1997. An indictment from the Clinton-era Justice Department cited Iraqi assistance on al Qaeda "weapons development" in 1998. A senior Clinton administration counterterrorism official told the Washington Post that the U.S. government was "sure" Iraq had supported al Qaeda chemical weapons programs in 1999. An Iraqi working closely with the Iraqi embassy in Kuala Lumpur was photographed with September 11 hijacker Khalind a Mihdhar en route to a planning meeting for the bombing of the USS Cole and the September 11 attacks in 2000. Satellite photographs showed al Qaeda members in 2001 traveling en masse to a compound in northern Iraq financed, in part, by the Iraqi regime. Abu Musab al Zarqawi, senior al Qaeda associate, operated openly in Baghdad and received medical attention at a regime-supported hospital in 2002. Documents discovered in postwar Iraq in 2003 reveal that Saddam's regime harbored and supported Abdul Rahman Yasin, an Iraqi who mixed the chemicals for the 1993 World Trade Center attack-- the first al Qaeda attack on U.S. soil."

World Climate Alert

World Climate Alert: "Recent articles contesting the validity of drastic Climate Change due to global warming" Hee is a good article about the bias in the Environmentalist -Wacko support of the global warming theory.

Monday, June 21, 2004

S.F.proposes limited non-citizen voting - (United Press International)

S.F.proposes limited non-citizen voting - (United Press International) WTF. This is just unbelieveable. If you are not a citizen ofthe US, you should not vote for anytrhing in the US. What next, having Illegals vote in the presidential elections. Maybe the left wing can buy their votes also

Yahoo! News - AP Poll: Most Rate Reagan Over Clinton

Yahoo! News - AP Poll: Most Rate Reagan Over Clinton Afgain they needed a survey for this. Clinton vs Reagan it is no contest. Ragan had principles, Clinton went wherever the political winds went. He had no core beliefs. He took what the Republican said and made htem his own, just to get elected. Why did they even have a survey about this. Clinton was in no way is in Reagan'e league as president.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Changing thigs around

I am chnging thigs aroud here. Tell me how you like it Give me some feedback on how you like it. My email is now Webmaster@stix.zzn.com.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Psycho Democrats

This is a good political ad. It needs to be run on regualr TV stations. I found it on JunkYardBLog through the The Petrified Truth.<

Friday, June 18, 2004

Interest!ALERT: Quality Content

Interest!ALERT: Quality Content The Prime Miinister of Iceland gets it. Tax cuts improve the economy and brings in more money. Maybe the left might get it one day. Yeah. right who am I kidding.

Actions & Projects

Actions & Projects Here is the group that said Kerry was the Most Catholic senator. Maybe,the most liberal Catholic senator

My Way News

My Way News I don;t know waht to say about this. I am just fuming. I think that the people that did this shoud be brought to justice. They are not civilized. If you want to see the piitures go here. !!!!!Warnimg this is very graphic!!!!!!!!!!

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story Vice Chairman of the 9/11 Commission Lee Hamilton blasted the mainstream press yesterday for distorting the Commission's findings on links between Iraq and al Qaida, saying those findings actually support Bush administration contentions. This just shows how biased the "mainstream media" is. "There are all kinds of ties," he told PBS's "The News Hour" late Wednesday, in comments that establishment journalists have refused to report. "There are all kinds of connections. And it may very well have been that Osama bin Laden or some of his lieutenants met at some time with Saddam Hussein's lieutenants." And still the "mainstream media" is saying there is no connection between Saddam and Al Queda.

The Australian: 'House-sized' meteorite hits [June 17, 2004]

The Australian: 'House-sized' meteorite hits [June 17, 2004] It's armegeddon?????

Yahoo! News - Poll Suggests Bush Support Has Grown

Yahoo! News - Poll Suggests Bush Support Has Grown What's not clear, however, is the effect the Sept. 11 commission's Wednesday statement that it has found no credible evidence Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida had a collaborative relationship will have on the polls. The commission's findings raised fresh questions about the Bush administration's decision to invade Iraq. They are still saying this. Did they read the report???? It said that there was many meetings with Iraq and Al Queda over the years. Maybe he didn't have a direct link in 9/11, but he did have contact with 9/11. And President Putin said that they had intelligence that Iraq was wanting to attack the US. It is just amazing how the facts get in the way of the left media's attracks on Bush. But the people will just take it and tuhink it is true. And the 9/11 Commision was not made to find out if Saddam and Al Queda were linked together anyway. They were to find out what went wrong anfd how to fix it. Not look into Iraq and Saddam links.

My Way News

My Way News I wonder if the left will say that Putin is lying about this now????? They said we had him contained, just like Chamberlain said we had Hitler contained in WWII. And why did Russia not go long wiht the US if it did know this. I guess all the oil contracts clouded thier minds.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Ronald Reagan

Found at http://www.erickerickson.org/ Posted by Hello I found this picture at Confessions of a Political Junkie. Very moving

The Peaceniks.

Peaceniks at a rally Posted by Hello
More Peaceniks Posted by Hello
More Posted by Hello
Books at Peacenik rally Posted by Hello
More books at Peacenik rally Posted by Hello
And More books at Peacenik rally Posted by Hello Man how friendly theses peace activists are. They just love everone and want good will to eveyone. You can find more of these nice people here. Found at Four Right Wing Wackos.

http://www.blogsforbush.com/ Posted by Hello

http://blogsforbush.com/wictory.html Posted by Hello

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story "Joseph Goebbels was the minister of propaganda for the Nazi regime and whose very famous quote was, 'If you tell a lie long enough, it becomes the truth.'" true so true

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story What the hell is Kerry thinking, appointing Mara Vanderslice as his Director of Religious Outreach? "When in college, Mara was active in the Earlham Socialist Alliance, a group that supports the convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal and openly embraces Marxism-Leninism. "After graduating, Mara spoke at rallies held by ACT-UP, the anti-Catholic group that disrupted Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in 1989 by spitting the Eucharist on the floor. In 2000, she practiced civil disobedience when she took to the streets of Seattle in a protest against the World Trade Organization. In 2002, she tried to shut down Washington, D.C. in a protest against the IMF and the World Bank." This is just amazing. What the hell was he thinking? She should mot be a Director of Religious Outreach. I am a Catholic and there is no way in the world I would vote for a man like Kerry. I am not really religious, but I do agree with a lot of what the Catholic Church teaches. But to say Kerry was the best Catholic senator is just amazing. Dick Durbin is my senator, and I don't know what he was thinking when he had this report. I guess he was using the touchy-feely leftists side of Catholicism. It just doesn't make sense to me that Kerry would be #1 in the Catholic vote and be the # 1 liberal voter in the Senate. Abortion and many other voting tendecies that Kerry makes are in no way aligned with Catholicism.

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story "The Sudanese, to protect their own ties with Iraq, reportedly persuaded Bin Ladin* to cease [support for anti-Saddam Islamists in Northern Iraq] and arranged for contacts between Iraq and al Qaeda*. "A senior Iraqi intelligence officer reportedly made three visits to Sudan, finally meeting Bin Ladin in 1994. Bin Ladin is said to have requested space to establish training camps, as well as assistance in procuring weapons, but Iraq apparently never responded." [Staff Statement No. 15, Page 5] Such a statement begs the question: Why does the Commission, let alone the press, take the word of two senior bin Laden associates over, say, Iraq's new prime minister, Iyad Allawi. Last December he told the London Telegraph, "We are uncovering evidence all the time of Saddam's involvement with al-Qaeda." Reacting to the discovery of an Iraqi intelligence document placing 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta in Baghdad two months before the attacks, he continued: "This is the most compelling piece of evidence that we have found so far. It shows that not only did Saddam have contacts with al-Qaeda, he had contact with those responsible for the September 11 attacks." In fact, nowhere does the Commission make the claim that Iraq and al-Qaida never cooperated. What it does say is "We have no credible evidence that Iraq and al Qaeda cooperated on attacks against the United States." "With al Qaeda at its foundation, Bin Ladin sought to build a broader Islamic Army that included terrorist groups from Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Oman, Tunisia, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Somalia, and Eritrea. Not all [terrorist] groups from these states agreed to join, but at least one from each did." [Staff Statement No. 15, Page 3] Just a few tidbits from this article by News Max. It shows the total bias by the media about the 9/11 Commission. You probably won't see most of this in the "media". But they want Kerry to win and will never let out such facts as these get out because it might let people know the truth and why we went to Iraq in the first place.

National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States

National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States Here is the (/11 commision's web site for anyonw wanting to read it.

BOROWITZ report.com

BOROWITZ report.com Another satire site that should be looked at to brewak the ice every once in a while. Found out about it at Right Wing NEws. Take a look at it

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

CaringBridge.org - Wounded Heroes

CaringBridge.org - Wounded Heroes I put this site in my blogroll, but forgot to tell you about it. It is a great way yo send your thanks to our soldiers who were injured in The War on Terror.

G-8 Summit Asks For End To J-Lo Marriages

G-8 Summit Asks For End To J-Lo Marriages You just have to laugh

Media Mantic (Al Gorem)

Media Mantic (Al Gorem) Here is a funny cartoon I found looking at Army of One's blog.

Wictory Wednesday

http://blogsforbush.com/wictory.html Posted by Hello Please volunteer or donate today on Wictory Wednesday

Great Site

I highly recommend this site to everyone. You can listen to it live or archives. He is on after Rush in Tampa, Miami, San Antonio and Atlanta (new affiliate I think). Todd Schnitt is the host of the show. He has a morning show called MJ in the morning which is broadcasted in several cities across the country. He adds an entertaining view of what is really going on in the world. www.schnittshow.com I encourage everyone to visit and listen. FOUR MORE YEARS!!!!!! M McKay

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


DRUDGE REPORT FLASH 2004� What the hell is Time thinkning. You should never reveal the secret location of government hidouts. How an they do this??? It is riiculous. What happens if we have another attack, and Cheney is suppose to go there. It could becaome a target and put the VP in danger. This shoudl be considered treason. It is just unbelievable that they would stoop to this level.

Broken Newz - Satire News with the fresh scent of mint

Broken Newz - Satire News with the fresh scent of mint This is a pretty good site. Every once in a while you just need to laugh

Monday, June 14, 2004

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story Another envirinmental wacko story. As science gets better, it debunks much of the environmentalist-wackos theories. To cost people $100 million dollars for a ficticious mouse is unbelievable. The Endangered Species Act shoud be looked at and be reformed. There has been so mcuh eveidence that most of the envirinmentalist-wackos theories and eveidence has been manufatured or is not even scientifically correct. This is another example of the environmentalist-wackos attack on the American way of ife.

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story I hope that the Democrats use this strategy. I think the people will see right through this ploy. The economy is growing and more an more jobs are created every month. It is just amazing tha they would use this, but I guess if uo say something ong enough, people will believe it. Just look at Algore's, Everything that shlould be up is down, and everything that should be douwn is up" speech. That was a bunch of crap, vut he said it enough to makle everyone believe it. But I think that people will see right thwough it this time.

My Way News

My Way News Thank God we have these Supreme Court Justices in the Supreme Court. I still can not believe someone would have the audacity to say that "under God" is unconstitutuonal. There is no where in the consdtitution that says there should be " separation of church and state" It says that there should be no state church.

Yahoo! News - Bush pays rare tribute to Clinton

Yahoo! News - Bush pays rare tribute to Clinton As you can see, Conservatives can honor a man that they disagree with on most political things, but honor the man as a president. George W Bush may not have agreed with Clinton's policies, but gave a nice speech about Clinton. He didn't spout out hatred as the Democrats (liberal left) said about President Reagan. It just shops how much class and etiquette that he conservatives have. Just as Reagan never said a bad thing personally about his enemies, but only their policies.

Michael Reagan

Good evening. I'm Mike Reagan. You knew my father as governor, as president. But I knew him as dad. I want to tell you a little bit about my dad. A little bit about Cameron and Ashley's grandfather because not a whole lot is ever spoken about that side of Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan adopted me into his family 1945. I was a chosen one. I was the lucky one. And all of his years, he never mentioned that I was adopted either behind my back or in front of me. I was his son, Michael Edward Reagan. When his families grew to be two families, he didn't walk away from the one to go to the other. But he became a father to both. To Patti and then Ronnie, but always to Maureen, my sister, and myself. We looked forward to those Saturday mornings when he would pick us up, sitting on the curve on Beverly Glen as his car would turn the corner from Sunset Boulevard and we would get in and ride to his ranch and play games and he would always make sure it ended up a tie. We would swim and we would ride horses or we'd just watch him cut firewood. We would be in awe of our father. As years went by and I became older and found a woman I would marry, Colleen, he sent me a letter about marriage and how important it was to be faithful to the woman you love with a P.S.: You'll never get in trouble if you say I love you at least once a day, and I'm sure he told Nancy every day "I love you" as I tell Colleen. He also sent letters to his grandchildren. He wasn't able to be the grandfather that many of you are able to be because of the job that he had. And so he would write letters. He sent one letter to Cameron, said: "Cameron, some guy got $10,000 for my signature. Maybe this letter will help you pay for your college education. He signed it, Grandpa. P.S. Your grandpa is the 40th president of the United States, Ronald Reagan. He just signed his sign." Those are the kinds of things my father did. At the early onset of Alzheimer's disease, my father and I would tell each other we loved each other and we would give each other a hug. As the years went by and he could no longer verbalize my name, he recognized me as the man who hugged him. So when I would walk into the house, he would be there in his chair opening up his arms for that hug, hello, and the hug goodbye. It was a blessing truly brought on by God. We had wonderful blessings of that nature. Wonderful, wonderful blessings that my father gave to me each and every day of my life. I was so proud to have the Reagan name and to be Ronald Reagan's son. What a great honor. He gave me a lot of gifts as a child. Gave me a horse. Gave me a car. Gave me a lot of things. But there's a gift he gave me that I think is wonderful for every father to give every son. Last Saturday, when my father opened his eyes for the last time, and visualized Nancy and gave her such a wonderful, wonderful gift. When he closed his eyes, that's when I realized the gift that he gave to me, the gift that he was going to be with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He had, back in 1988 on a flight from Washington, D.C. to Point Mugu, told me about his love of God, his love of Christ as his Savior. I didn't know then what it all meant. But I certainly, certainly know now. I can't think of a better gift for a father to give a son. And I hope to honor my father by giving my son Cameron and my daughter Ashley that very same gift he gave to me. Knowing where he is this very moment, this very day, that he is in Heaven, and I can only promise my father this. Dad, when I go, I will go to Heaven, too. And you and I and my sister, Maureen, that went before us, we will dance with the heavenly host of angels before the presence of God. We will do it melanoma and Alzheimer's free. Thank you for letting me share my father, Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Telegraph | News | Interrogation abuses were 'approved at highest levels'

Telegraph | News | Interrogation abuses were 'approved at highest levels': "In the latest revelation, yesterday's Washington Post published leaked documents revealing that Gen Ricardo Sanchez, the senior US officer in Iraq, approved the use of dogs, temperature extremes, reversed sleep patterns and sensory deprivation for prisoners whenever senior officials at the Abu Graib jail wished. A memo dated October 9, 2003 on 'Interrogation Rules of Engagement', which each military intelligence officer was obliged to sign, set out in detail the wide range of pressure tactics they could use - including stress positions and solitary confinement for more than 30 days." WTF. What they say here is not considered abuse under the Geneva Convention. These have been tried and tested methods of extraction of information for years. These methods are used in training excercizes in the military. Just a few weeks ago I saw a documentary on the history Channel explaining these tactics. People in the England signed up for a fake spy operation and the interrogators (military intelligence officers) used theses very methods on the civilians to extract the fake spy ring. So, if they think they have a smoking gun, they are clearly wrong. I agree that the abuses in Abu Graff were totally against the Geneva Convention. And if you read the Geneva Convention, the "unlawful combatants" are not considered to be under the protection ot the Geneva Convention. The Geneva Convention is used for national or organized military armies. The "combatant" has to be in a clearly marked uniform and clearly viewed weapons on them. It is clearly a biased report that Red Cross is spouting out. Yes, there was abuses. And the guilty parties are being investigated and are being court-marshalled. While we are at it, I wonder if Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather are going to say that we are talking too much about Aby Graib. They thought that a week of Ronald Reagan was too long. But how many months are we going to still talk about Abu Graib????? All of the guilty parties are going through court-marshall proceedings.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

New York City: Reagan should be on a $3 bill

New York City: Reagan should be on a $3 bill Whatever!

Friday, June 11, 2004

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story Breslin is another a**hole


WorldTribune.com The UN says that Saddam had WMDs.. Say it ain't so. I thought that the UN inspector said there were no WMDs in Ieraq. Maybe we should look at Jordan, Syria, and various other countries for the WMDs, as I said before. We are not going to find many in Iraq right now, because Saddam sent them out of the country. Or maybe we should just waint until one is set off in downtown NC City as the left would have us do. Or wait until the UN finds them all. Yeah, right!!

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story

NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story I guess you won't hear something like this from Ted Rall, Michael Moore or the other filth out there. Cuba (Castro) didn't get a long with Reagan when he was the President of the United States, but did Castro say he deserves to die and the other crap the left has been saying. At least the Cuba dictator has some respect. Maybe the left would take notice that their leader in Cuba has not stooped to the depthes they have. Probably not, but maybe they might get the message.

A text of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney's tribute to President Ronald

In the spring of 1987 President Reagan and I were driven into a large hangar at the Ottawa Airport, to await the arrival of Mrs. Reagan and my wife, Mila, prior to departure ceremonies for their return to Washington. We were alone except for the security details. President Reagan's visit had been important, demanding and successful. Our discussions reflected the international agenda of the times: The nuclear threat posed by the Soviet Union and the missile deployment by NATO; pressures in the Warsaw pact, challenges resulting from the Berlin Wall and the ongoing separation of Germany; and bilateral and hemispheric free trade. President Reagan had spoken to Parliament, handled complex files with skill and good humor - strongly impressing his Canadian hosts - and here we were, waiting for our wives. When their car drove in a moment later, out stepped Nancy and Mila, looking like a million bucks. As they headed towards us, President Reagan beamed, threw his arm around my soldier and said with a grin, "You know, Brian, for two Irishmen we sure married up." In that visit, in that moment, one saw the quintessential Ronald Reagan - the leader we respected, the neighbor we admired and the friend we loved - a president of the United States of America whose truly remarkable life we celebrate in this magnificent cathedral today. Presidents and prime ministers everywhere sometimes wonder how history will deal with them. Some can even evince a touch of the insecurity of Thomas d'Arcy McGee, an Irish immigrant to Canada, who became a Father of our Confederation. In one of his poems, McGee, thinking of his birthplace, wrote poignantly: "Am I remembered in Erin I charge you, speak me true Has my name a sound, a meaning In the scenes my boyhood knew." Ronald Reagan will not have to worry about Erin because they remember him well and affectionately there. Indeed they do: from Erin to Estonia, from Maryland to Madagascar from Montreal to Monterey. Ronald Reagan does not enter history tentatively - he does so with certainty and panache. At home and on the world stage, his were not the pallid etchings of a timorous politician. They were the bold strokes of a confident and accomplished leader. No 'Moral Equivalence' Some in the West during the early 1980s believed communism and democracy were equally valid and viable. This was the school of "moral equivalence." In contrast Ronald Reagan saw Soviet communism as a menace to be confronted in the genuine belief that its squalid underpinning would fall swiftly to the gathering winds of freedom. Provided, as he said, that NATO and the industrialized democracies stood firm and united. They did. And we know now who was right. Ronald Reagan was a president who inspired his nation and transformed the world. He possessed a rare and prized gift called leadership, that ineffable and sometimes magical quality that sets some men and women apart so that millions will follow them as they conjure up grand visions and invite their countrymen to dream big and exciting dreams. I always thought that President Reagan's understanding of the nobility of the presidency coincided with the American dream. One day President Mitterrand in referring to President Reagan said: "Il a vraiment la notion de l'Etat." Rough translation: "He really has a sense of the State about him." The translation does not fully capture the profundity of the observation: What President Mitterrand meant was that there is a vast difference between the job of president and the role of president. Ronald Reagan fulfilled both with elegance and ease, embodying himself that unusual alchemy of history, tradition, achievement, inspiration, conduct and national pride that define the special role the president of the United States must assume at home and around the world. "La notion de l'Etat" - no one understood it better than Ronald Reagan and no one more eloquently summoned his nation to high purpose or brought forth the majesty of the presidency and made it glow, better than the man who saw his country as a "shining city on a hill" May our common future and that of our great nations be guided by wise men and women who will remember always the golden achievements of the Reagan era and the success that can be theirs if the values of freedom and democracy are preserved, unsullied and undiminished, until the unfolding decades remember little else. I have been truly blessed to have had a friend like Ronald Reagan. I am grateful that our paths crossed and that our lives touched. I shall always remember him with deepest admiration and affection and I shall always feel honored by the journey we traveled together in search of better and more peaceful tomorrows for all God's children, everywhere. And so, in the presence of his beloved and indispensable Nancy, his children, family, friends and the American people he so deeply revered, I say "au revoir' today to a gifted leader, historic president and gracious human being. And I do so with a line from Yeats, who wrote: "Think where man's glory most begins and ends and say - my glory was that I had such friends."

Text of the homily of former Sen. John Danforth, the Episcopal minister who officiated over Friday's funeral of former President Reagan

May I speak in the name of one god, who created us, who redeemed us, who comforts us. Amen. This is a service about Ronald Reagan, and it is a religious service. We've gathered to celebrate the life of a great president in a church where believers profess their faith. So this is not only about a person, but about faith. And the homily is the place to connect the two. For President Reagan, the text is obvious. It's from the Sermon on the Mount: "You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hid." It was his favorite theme, from his first inaugural address to his final address from the Oval Office. For him, America was the shining city on a hill. His immediate source was the sermon preached by John Winthrop, just read by Justice O'Connor. Winthrop believed that the eyes of the world would be on America because God had given us a special commission, so it was our duty to shine forth. The Winthrop message became the Reagan message. It rang of optimism, and we longed to hear it, especially after the dark years of Vietnam and Watergate. It was a vision with policy implications. America could not hide its light under a bushel. It could not turn in on itself and hunker down. Isolationism was not an option; neither was protectionism. We must champion freedom everywhere. We must be the beacon for the world. What Ronald Reagan asked of America, he gave of himself. The great American theologian Reinhold Neibuhr wrote "Children of Light and The Children of Darkness." If ever we have known a child of light, it was Ronald Reagan. He was aglow with it. He had no dark side, no scary, hidden agenda. What you saw, was what you got. And what you saw was that sure sign of inner light, the twinkle in the eye. He was not consumed by himself. He didn't need to be president to be a complete person. The only thing he really needed was to be with his wife. Mrs. Reagan, you shared him with us, and for that we will always be grateful. He shined the light, but not upon himself. Personally modest, he disclaimed the title the great communicator and claimed only to communicate great things from the heart of a great nation. He liked to laugh, especially at himself. There was nothing petty or mean-spirited about him. Even his opponents liked him. I recall sitting at a table with President Reagan and Speaker O'Neill listening to their jokes. It was the opposite of negative politics. He inspired devotion more than fear. Mike Deaver wrote, "There was something about him that made you want to please him and do your best." This applied to everybody. It certainly applied to those of us who served in Congress. His most challenging test came on the day he was shot. He wrote in his diary of struggling for breath and of praying. "I realized that I couldn't ask for God's help while at the same time I felt hatred for the mixed-up young man who shot me," he wrote. "Isn't that the meaning of the lost sheep? We are all God's children, and therefore equally loved by Him. So I began to pray for his soul and that he would find his way back to the fold." He was a child of light. Now consider the faith we profess in this church. Light shining in darkness is an ancient biblical theme. Genesis tells us that in the beginning, darkness was upon the face of the deep. Some equate this darkness with chaos. And God said: "Let there be light, and there was light. And God saw that the light was good." Creating light in darkness is God's work. You and I know the meaning of darkness. We see it on the evening news: terror, chaos, war. An enduring image of 9/11 is that on a brilliantly clear day a cloud of darkness covered Lower Manhattan. Darkness is real, and it can be terrifying. Sometimes it seems to be everywhere. So the question for us is what do we do when darkness surrounds us? St. Paul answered that question. He said we must walk as children of light. President Reagan taught us that this is our mission, both as individuals and as a nation. The faith proclaimed in this church is that when we walk as children of light, darkness cannot prevail. As St. John's gospel tells us, "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it." That's true even of death. For people of faith, death is no less awful than for anyone else, but the Resurrection means that death is not the end. The Bible describes the most terrible moment in these words: "When it was noon, darkness came over the whole land until in the afternoon." That was the darkness of Good Friday. It did not prevail. Very early on the first day of the week when the sun had risen, that's the beginning of the Easter story. The light shines; the Lord is risen. In this service of worship, we celebrate the life of a great president, and we profess the resurrection faith of this church. It is faith in God's victory over darkness. It is faith in the ultimate triumph of light. We believe in this victory every day of our lives. We believe it as individuals. We believe it as a nation. There is no better time to celebrate the triumph of life than in a service for Ronald Reagan. Amen