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Thursday, June 03, 2004

FrontPage magazine.com :: Rewriting History by Ann Coulter

FrontPage magazine.com :: Rewriting History by Ann Coulter this is a good column by Ann Coulter. It shows how liberals have no leg to srand on in repeatedly attacking Bush about. He lied to us." Bush never lied to the American people to get in to this war in Iraq. He never said that Saddam was an "imminent threat". He said we need to get Saddam before he is an imminent threat. If not we could have a city destroyed or a couple thousands or millions of people killed by this mad man. The real question all theses liberals should be asking is where are the WMDs? Does Al Queda, Syria or some other fanatical group that hates America have them. Or are they buried in the desert somewhere in Iraq. Not saying he never had them. Because everyone in the Clinton White House thought Saddam had them. How can you change your story just because the person you don"t like is in the White House now. It really upsets me how partisan all the liberals are now. Don"t they know that they are helping the enemy with all of this garbage. It just gives them more confidence to know that these people are attacking Bush. Yes you might not like the war, or never thought we should go, but to openly say some of the things that Nancy Pelosi and others are saying is just wrong. We can have this debate after the war is over and our soldiers are home. This is exactly what happened in Vietnam and ruined the moral of our troops.

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