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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The Libertarians are coming?

I guess I would agree a lot with what the Libertarian Party has to say. But I do not think I would ever vote for them on a presidential level. I definately do not agree with their stance on drugs. I think legalization of marijuana would be detrimental to the country. But I do agree with their stance on limited government and lower taxes. But with they get enough votes to screw up President Bush's dream of another 4 years. I don't think so. But they may have a little impact. I think Ralph Nader will have a greater impact in the left than the Libertarians will have on the right. I don't agree with everything that President Bush says or does, but he is the best candidate for the presidency. He has led this country through some tough times. At the beginning he had Clinton's recession. And after coming out of that we had 9/11. Which he has been great at the War on Terrorism. I just feel so damn lucky today that Algore did not get into the White House. We would have to wait until NY city was devastated before he would have done anything in Iraq, then maybe he would have sent a few Tomahawk Missiles in the desert ro blow up some camel dung like Clinton did. I need to get back to studying.

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