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Sunday, June 06, 2004

My thoughts on the Death of Ronald Reagan

While he was president I was very young and did not follow politics. I was 7 years old when he first became president. I did not how bad the economy and the morale of the country before he became president. As I grew older I did nor know of all the things he did for our country. I just lived my life and went about my own business. I didn't follow politics until 1990. I started to listen to Rush Limbaugh and he opened my mind to politics. At the time I was still pretty much apolitical or even a little to the left. Then I started to read and look into what Ronald Reagan did for the United States and the whole world. It changed my life. That is when I found conservatism. I believed that our country needs to have a strong military and that the government should not take all of out hard earned money. My dad is a doctor and I was amazed at how much he was taxed and how much his insurance is. It was astounding. Most of my friends believe I am a conservative just because my parents are. But this is not true. I found that the conservative ideal is the closest to what our Founding Fathers wanted. If it were not for Reagan we would not have the economy we have now. Yes, maybe we had a hic-up for a few years, but it has been growing ever since Reagan was in office. If it were not for Reagan, the 90's economic boom would have never happened. I think I am starting to ramble on now. I just wanted to thank Ronald Reagan for all that he has done for our country and the whole world. He has freed the people of Russia and the satellite states of the USSR. He has made me proud to be an American. I just wish I would have been more political when he was around.

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