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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Not all the left are hateful

I found this in the comments on Right Wing News I wrote this on another blog comment board, but wanted to share it here as well, for the record, with my fellow RWN readers: There is no place in American left-liberalism for any vilification of a U.S. President who served his country in the best way he knew how, especially upon this person’s death. Leftists who can find nothing positive to say about Reagan are not really true Americans. I am by no means a fan of Ronald Reagan’s policies, but he was our President and he gave 8 years (and more) of his life in service to our country. Upon his death, we should remember Reagan as the central leader he was. No one can dispute the fact that he was a giant in contemporary American politics and his legacy will endure for many years to come. His death is not the time for partisan politics; it is a time to glorify the greatness of American democracy as represented by one of its leaders. I am saddened by the way many on the left are treating the memory of Reagan. It is not appropriate and I, for one, am a leftist who deplores such actions. When Jimmy Carter dies, I must admit that I think conservatives will treat him with the respect and fondness that is due to all of our ex-Presidents for the sacrifices and time they have committed to our great country. My love for America is greater than any party or greater than any one particular President; and Ronald Reagan was a servant of this greater America. For this he deserves our respect and gratitude. All of us should remember that. by huckupchuck on 2004-06-07 13:49:59 From my point of view I find no reason to be disrespectful. He was an important president and an equally esteemed world figure. For at least one good week political bickering is not needed. After that, okay sure...although it should not be personal. by Left_Turn on 2004-06-07 14:06:43

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