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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Political cartoonist defends anti-Reagan Web tirade - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - June 09, 2004

Political cartoonist defends anti-Reagan Web tirade - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - June 09, 2004 Ted Rall is an idiot. You should never say anything like this about the deceased. Whoever it is. You have to put politics and personal feelings aside. Not everything is personal. You may not like someone or the War in Iraq, but all the personal attacks like this should stop. Yes I may talk dab about Kerrry and others o the left every once in w while. But I do it in jest. I do not hate them personally, I just don't like their politics. There is a difference. There should always be a difference. I call Michael Moore and idiot ( he is one though), but that does not mean I hate him. I think that he can't tell the truth. But Does that mean I hate him?????? NO!!!!!!!!!! Would I be overjoyed at his death?????? NO!!!!!!!!!! When did the politics of personal destruction begin in the left wing. Will I say that I will leave the country if Kerry wins the election????? NO!!!!!!!! You have to say I disagree with him, but he is our president. Did I say I was going to leave the country when Clinton got into the White House???? NO!!!!!! Did I criticize his policies?? YES!!!! Did I say I wanted him dead??? NO!!!!!!!!!! Did I think he should have been impeached??? YES!!!! But there is a difference in what I am saying and the ilk of Ted Rall, Michael Moore, and the rest of the DU. I agree that maybe some people have a beef with Reagan or don't like him. But to disrespect someone like the way the left is is just outrageous. You can discuss or criticize Reagan's legacy all you want, but to be overjoyed or happy that he died is just unconscionable. It is just beyond belief anyone would say anything like that. What happend to respect for your fellow human being. I know you guys on the left will criticize my thoughts on the War on Terror. But here is a difference with that. We are at war. And what the military does, "I kills people and breaks things" as Rush Limbaugh so eloquently said. In a war you try to kill as many people on the other side, so they have no will to go on. And the terrorists have no respect for civilization and for human life. I guess maybe I do hate the terrorists, but we all have a legitimate reason to hate them. They want to kill everyone in the Western countries and convert the whole world to their own religious kingdom. If you look at the history of Islam, you see a pattern in their intentions. I am not talking about all of Islam , but the Islamists, have always wanted to take over the world and subjigate the whole world to their strict Islamic rule. The Muslims had taken over most of Europe until Spain kicked them out. They were also finally turned back at Vienna also. Sorry about the big rant, but I needed to get this off of my chest. I have been just flabbergasted at all the virile garbage that has been coming for the DU.

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