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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Transcripts of Tim Russert's show

You got to lovw Tim Russert. He grills everyone every weekend. He is an equal opportyity gitlling machine. But this week he did get Nancy Pelosi. He does show how hypocritcal the Democratic postiions are. They have no plan on how to use troops in Iraq. You gotta love how small-minded the Democratic minds are. What shall we do in Iraq??? Get out and let the UN taks over. Geezz, wouldn't that be great, to have all the same people that took all the Iraqis money in the Oil-for-Food progam. If there is a problem, the Democrats only way to fix it is to send more money, except if it is the military. They suggest that we need more troops ove in Iraq, then say let the UN taks over. Yes, teh French and Germans will come and the terrorists will stop killing people. Come on you idiots, it doesn't matter who is there, they terrorists want all of the West to die. They don;t care who it is, if they are not Muslim, they will kill them. Just look what happened in Saudi Arabia the other day. And to let the UN take over in Iraq is a total joke. They would just have a toatl beuacracy that would get nothing done, except put money int eh pockes of the beaucracy. The UN is a joke these days and we don;t need their help. Do we want them to stand by and watch all of Saddam's people con and kill all the Kurds of Shiites, like they are doing in Africa. Hell, they are even raping 12 and 13 girls in Africa (that is the UN sodiers). BUt it is good to see someone grill the Democrats. When asked about their plan, they say we need more time to tell what it is going to be. Wow, sounds like they don' have a plan. As far as having a plan goes. Do you Democrats think we had any kind of a clue on what wee were going to do after WWII??? Hell no, we won the war and then dealt with it afterwards. Wasn't it 12 years later after the Revolutionary War before our constitution was voted on. Come on, War is fluid, and we are doing the best we can over there right now. They are about to get their own government in 29 days. Oh well, ebiugh wiht my rantings today. I got to study

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