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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Cop Killers For Kerry

From Blogs For Bush Cop Killers For Kerry

Well, if unnamed foreign leaders weren't good enough, John Kerry has a new "endorsement" he can add to his list: convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Just in case anyone was wondering what one glorified cop killer thinks about the presidential campaign, Mumia Abu-Jamal has weighed in with his advice to Democrats.

"For millions of people, there exists in their minds, in their hearts a hunger for change," Abu-Jamal writes in the latest issue of Workers World. "That hunger is becoming a driving force in the upcoming elections, and is being expressed in a way that can best be summed up: 'Anybody But Bush.' "

Abu-Jamal's death sentence for gunning down Philadelphia Police Officer Danny Faulkner in 1981 has made him an idol to many extreme leftists. The convicted murderer regularly contributes columns to Workers World, the weekly journal of a Marxist revolutionary party that is the main sponsor of International ANSWER, which in turn is a major sponsor of protests at next week's Republican convention in New York.

It's nice to know where Kerry's support is coming from.

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