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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

From Blogs For Bush

Kerry's "New Soldier"

Dean Esmay of Dean's World links us to an on-line edition of John Kerry's Winter Soldier book and asks why Kerry is so determined to get ahold of every copy of the book he can and has instructed the publisher not to reissue the book. I doubt much we'll get an answer from Kerry about why he might not want this book out in the public square, but we can read the book and draw our own conclusions.

The book, itself, is mostly just a collection of quotes from alleged Vietnam veterans who participated in a Vietnam Veterans Against the War march in Washington, DC. Given that since the time the book was published we have learned that a lot of the supposed veterans in VVAW turned out to not actually be Vietnam veterans, there is not much we can say about the quotes plus or minus (though some of the quotes are clearly absurd and obviously lifted bodily from North Vietnamese Communist propaganda tracts), but we can take to heart the stated purpose of the book and the words of its author, John Kerry. Here are some quotes from the book:

“It is their {VVAW} hope that Vietnam will not be just an immoral and obscene memory, but rather, as Kerry said before the Senate committee, the place where American finally turned…” (from the introduction to the book)

“We cannot consider our selves America’s best men when we are ashamed of and hated for what we were called on to do in Southeast Asia. (direct quote from John Kerry)

“I think that, more than anything, the New Soldier is trying to point out that there are two Americas…(direct quote from John Kerry)”

“We were sent to Vietnam to kill Communism. But we found instead that we were killing women and children. (direct quote from John Kerry)”

Emphasis added - as and aside, I never knew that Edwards lifted his main campaign theme (Two Americas) from this old John Kerry work. There are more such quotes in the book, all of them equally mendacious. I think we can see why Kerry doesn't want the book floating around.

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