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Friday, August 27, 2004

From Blogs of War

Scan Eagle Scans Iraq

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Scan Eagle Scan Eagle

Marines in Iraq have a cool new tool:

Scan Eagle is 4-feet long and has a 10–foot wingspan, and offers a wide variety of design features

It’s small size and quiet operations make it very difficult to detect from the ground.

“Scan Eagle carries either an elctro-optical or infrared camera. The camera allows the operator to easily track both stationary and moving targets,” said Sliwa. “It can remain in flight for more than 15 hours.”

It can go up to approximately 10,000-feet with surveillance capabilities, said Freche.

Along with the Scan Eagle the military also employs the Predator UAV, which can launch Hellfire missiles and the Pioneer UAV, said Freche.

“The Marine Corps has been using the Pioneer up until this point,” said Freche. “The Scan Eagle is not here to replace the Pioneer; it’s here to assist in the efforts of troop coverage on the ground.”

The reaction to this aerial phenomenon speaks for itself.

“This is simply an extraordinary piece of equipment. It’s impressive,” said Gen. Nyland. - USMC.mil

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