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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Kerry Private Eyes Digging Dirt on Swiftvets

It never amzes me that when a Democrat is in trouble the first people they turn to are private investigators and lawyers. Bill Clinton did this with all the women he raped or assaulted. They found thier dogs dead on the front porch of their houses and had many other run ins with Clinton;s thugs. Now Kery is going after the people that know about his Vietnam record the best. To stop them Kerry has sued the radio and TV stations to not play the ads. Now there are going to try and ruin anybody that doesn;t go along with Kerry's version of th4 truth in Vietnam. This is after his stories ahve changed a little bit. Maybe it wasn;t Xmas that he was in Cambodia even though that was seares in his mind in 1986. Maybe he was the only boat that ran after the mine in his one PH instance. Maybe his 1st PH was because of self-inflicted wounds nad there was never any enemy fire at all. Check out the story here.

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