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Friday, August 27, 2004

Missouri Plan to Let Military Cast Votes by E-Mail Draws Criticism

This is a very interesting idea. If it works right there will be no throwing out votes from the military that has happened a lot in the past. Usually the Democrats have many of the military absentee ballots thrown out. So this will give the soldiers a chance to vote in a timely fashion while in a combat theater. I do see the concerns from people thinking there ay be some fraud. It is very easy to hack or fake the emails for voting. So there should be a lot of scrutiny over this voting system. But In thelong run I think it is a very good idea. We need to let the soldiers in the field a chance to vote in all the elections. Well see how it works.

Missouri Plan to Let Military Cast Votes by E-Mail Draws Criticism

By Jo Becker
Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, August 27, 2004; Page A10

A plan to make the presidential battleground of Missouri the first state to allow military voters serving in combat zones such as Iraq to cast their absentee ballots via e-mail is renewing concerns about the security of online voting.

Missouri Secretary of State Matt Blunt, a Republican running for governor, announced the plan Wednesday, saying that "simplifying the voting process for these heroes is the least we can do." The move surprised some computer security experts and voting watchdog groups, who said yesterday that the new rules could lead to Election Day fraud.

Read the rest here.

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