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Saturday, August 21, 2004

The Moose is Loose

Hattip to I love Jet Noise They need to bring some of the Moosehead to my house. I love that lager.
The Canadian province of New Brunswick is on full alert for a missing truckload of Moosehead beer.

Fifty-four thousand cans of the refreshing lager simply disappeared Monday when a tractor-trailer failed to turn up at its destination in Toronto, reports the CBC.

Police found the truck, still running, along with its empty trailer in the parking lot of a McDonald's in Grand Falls, New Brunswick, a few miles from the Maine border.

There was no trace of the beer, worth nearly $60,000 in U.S. currency — or of the truck's driver.

Normally, a renegade can of Moosehead (search) wouldn't attract much attention in New Brunswick, where the beer is brewed, but company spokesman Joel Levesque pointed out that these cans are different.

"Because [the load] was destined for Mexico," he explained, "the labeling on one side was English and Spanish on the reverse side."

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sgt. Gary Cameron is confident the loose lager will be recovered.

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