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Friday, August 27, 2004

Positive Polling Piling Up, or the Pre-Convention Bounce

Another post from Blogs for Bush. I usually don't post much about polls because none of them count until November. But just thought you might want to know about this.
Positive Polling Piling Up, or the Pre-Convention Bounce

A new Los Angeles Times poll has encouraging news for the Bush campaign.

President Bush has moved past Sen. John F. Kerry in three of the most hotly contested Midwestern battleground states despite continued doubts about the country's direction and the president's policies, new Los Angeles Times polls have found.

According to the surveys, Bush has opened leads within the margin of error in Ohio, Wisconsin and Missouri — states at the top of both campaigns' priority lists.

In Missouri, Bush leads among registered voters 46% to 44%; in Wisconsin, he leads 48% to 44%; and in Ohio, the president holds a 49% to 44% advantage, the surveys found.

As to why the polls are moving Bush's way, the Times offers this commentary:

The surveys also show that voters in all three states pick Bush over Kerry when asked which man is most likely to develop a plan to succeed in Iraq and who would be more qualified to serve as commander in chief. Voters in all three states also gave Bush a big lead when asked which would best protect the nation from terrorism.

"I feel confident George Bush is an adult and he takes his job seriously," said Tom Kelly, an equipment operator in Cudahy Wis. "As far his Number One duty to protect citizens, I feel he's doing everything in his power to do that."

By narrow margins in Wisconsin and Ohio, and a wider margin in Missouri, more voters picked Bush when asked which candidate shares their moral values. And, as in the national poll, far more voters pick Kerry than Bush when asked which man is most likely to flip-flop on issues.

Posted by Jonathan at August 27, 2004 09:23 AM

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