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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Powell Cancels Athens Visit Amid Protests

I think Powell should have went anyway. BUt he probably has more problems at the RNC and needs to be here in the US. BUt the anti-war and ant-American forces believe the won a victory.

ATHENS, Greece (AP) - Secretary of State Colin Powell on Saturday canceled a weekend visit to attend the closing ceremony of the Olympics, just hours after demonstrators marched through central Athens.

Powell couldn't attend because of "urgent responsibilities," the foreign ministry said.

In a letter, Powell thanked Foreign Minister Petros Moliviatis "for the especially successful and secure organization of the games."

In Washington, State Department spokesman Kurtis Cooper said the anti-American protests in Athens played no role in Powell's decision.

"The secretary considered a number of factors. The press of business in Washington made him decide he could not visit at this time," Cooper said.

"What's going on in Iraq and Sudan require the secretary's close attention," he said.

Read the rest here.

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