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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Some Veterans Still Bitter at Talk of Crimes

I would also be very livid about Kery wanting to be presidenty after what he said about his fellow soldiers. How can he lead a military when he said they were commiting "atrocities" during the Vietnam War. If he did do some of the things he said he did he should be tried as a war criminal not be runnung for President of the United States. Is this story trying to indermine the Swiftvets because they are "bitter". It maybe true that not all of the peopple that signed the first letter in May are not going along with the book that O'neil made. But there are 65 people that are going on the record to say that Kerry lied about his record. That is quite a lot of people compared to Kerry's 4 or 5 that back Kerry up. Read the story here. Here is some more reasons to be pissed off at Kerry about his Vietnam BS

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