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Thursday, September 02, 2004

3 Turkish Hostages Executed

Hattip to mypetjawa v. 2.0 (beta) 3 More people have been executed buy the barbarians. This time they are from Turkey.

September 02, 2004

3 Turkish Hostages Executed

turks1.gif Bloomberg.com:

Kidnappers in Iraq said they killed three Turkish hostages, al-Jazeera television news reported, showing a video of the three men kneeling on the ground before their captors.

Qatar-based al-Jazeera said it received the video from the Tawhid wal Jihad group showing the execution. The station didn't broadcast the killing. Tawhid wal Jihad means Unity and Holy War in Arabic. Groups demanding the withdrawal of foreign troops and businesses have kidnapped several foreigners working in Iraq. Some of the hostages have been killed.

Bodies found:
The slain bodies of two Turkish citizens and a third unidentified man were discovered in northern Iraq, police Maj. Sadoun Ahmed Matrud said Thursday.

It was not immediately clear when the three were killed, nor what they were doing in Iraq, he said. The bodies were found by a police patrol eight kilometres from the northern city of Samarra late Wednesday and were taken to a city hospital for an autopsy, Matrud said.

He said police found identification on two of the bodies that showed they were Turks, but nothing was discovered on the third body.

Where is Hamas pleading to save the lives of their fellow Muslim Turks? I think I'll go back to bed. Today is not looking very good.

Expect updates.

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