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Saturday, September 11, 2004


This will be an ongoing tribute to 9/11. I will only post tributes of 9/11 today. No politics. NO Kerry Bashing. I think we should all reflect on what happened to our country today. Everyone wear something red, white and blue. I am probably going to play golf and will wear my American Flag shirt. We should remember that day, so it will never happen again. We should remember those that have lost thier lives in that horrific terrorist attack. We should remember that that day change our lives. I am so sad that ithe unity the country had on that day has been shattered. We are back to the same partisan attacks. I thik we should listen to what Zell Miller said. "Where is the unity" The terrorists did not attack Republicans or Democrats. they attacked Americans. They attacked our country and our way of life. Let's leave all the partisan attacks go today and the rest of the weekened. NO talk about Vietnam records. No aruing over Iraq. Let us think about the freedoms this country is all about and what we have lost on that day 3 years ago. They attacked us as a whole. Not just NY City, the Pentagon. They attacked our Western Civilization. So I am not going to get into politics and attack anybody this weekend. I will posting tributes to 9/11 and hopefully my fellow bloggers out there will do the same. This is not a day to divide Americans. It is a time to unite this country against those who want to harm this country. Check out A small Victory Chack out Blogs For Bush. There are many good tributes. I didn't get to read them all because I am about to go play golf, but read some of them. they are good. A very good tribute to the Twin Towers at Free Will From Annika's Journal.
liberty annika's journal

. . . "...It is not best to swap horses while crossing the river..." --Lincoln
It wasn't just a tragedy. We were attacked.

We are not victims. We will be victorious.

We will never forget. We will always remember.

Deal with it.

Here id the Wall of Americans. Hattip to Just a Girl From My Little corner of the World. And FEMA's tribute. I like howthey show that not all the heros that day walked on 2 feet. they were many recue dogs that worked to fimd survivors. Hettip to Florida Cracker for this tribite to the Canine search and Recues dogs on 9/11. Adn this picture gallery of the Canine Search and Rescue dogs. Right Voices has t he rifgt idea. Blogs of War
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I think you get the message. This day should be a day that we all unite and heal the wounds that our contry has had for the past 3 years. This day should always be a day without politcial partisan sniping. Everyone should unite nad remember all of those precious lives that we lost that day. God Bless everyone. I'll be back either tomorrow or on Monday night. Pleas leave comments about other tributes. If I am here I will also post them. God Bless the USA

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