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Friday, September 24, 2004

Beaten Soldier Thankful For Support

Here si a good story. The soldier that got beraten up by the moonbats is getting alot of support from around the country.


Beaten Soldier Thankful For Support

Barton Receives Messages From Across Country

POSTED: 6:16 PM EDT September 22, 2004 UPDATED: 11:27 PM EDT September 22, 2004

A local soldier and his family have received an outpouring of support from across the country since NBC 4 first aired a story about being beaten at a local concert, NBC 4's Nancy Burton reported. Foster BartonFoster Barton/2004/0920/3746393.jpg/2004/0920/3746393_40X30.jpg/2004/0920/3746393_60X45.jpg/2004/0920/3746393_80X60.jpg/2004/0920/3746393_120X90.jpg/2004/0920/3746393_200X150.jpg/2004/0920/3746393_320X240.jpgFoster Barton, 19, of Grove City, said that hearing from so many people makes him realize he and his fellow soldiers have a lot of support, and that one single act of violence should not take away from that.Barton said his nose still hurts, but the support he received through phone calls and e-mails is helping him heal."It's been incredible," Barton said. "The phone has not stopped ringing."The story on nbc4i.com was linked to by many popular Web sites and prompted people from across the country to send e-mails to NBC 4 and to call his home.
Soldier Thankful For Support Soldier Reportedly Attacked
"Someone in Columbus wants to take him to dinner," Barton's mother said.Barton was home on leave from Iraq recovering from knee surgery when he said he was attacked in the Germain Amphitheatre parking lot after a Toby Keith concert. Foster Barton T-shirt/2004/0922/3753240.jpg/2004/0922/3753240_40X30.jpg/2004/0922/3753240_60X45.jpg/2004/0922/3753240_80X60.jpg/2004/0922/3753240_120X90.jpg/2004/0922/3753240_200X150.jpg/2004/0922/3753240_320X240.jpgBarton said his attacker beat him up because he was wearing an Operation Iraqi Freedom T-shirt. Barton was beaten so badly that he was knocked unconscious.Barton has already won a Purple Heart for his efforts in Iraq. He was wounded and nearly lost his leg when his Humvee was attacked, and was home on leave when the alleged attack after the concert occurred.Beth Rutherford didn't know Barton before Monday night. She was so moved by what happened, she copied NBC 4's story onto the Internet."It was very touching," she said. "I thought everyone should read this. It's more than just a local story. He is one of our soldiers fighting for America."Rutherford said that in the past two days, more than 5,000 people read the story on her site. Foster Barton In Uniform/2004/0922/3753234.jpg/2004/0922/3753234_40X30.jpg/2004/0922/3753234_60X45.jpg/2004/0922/3753234_80X60.jpg/2004/0922/3753234_120X90.jpg/2004/0922/3753234_200X150.jpg/2004/0922/3753234_320X240.jpg"It just shows how much people care," she said.Even the people who work with Keith, a country music star, have reached out to Barton."His manager called and said Toby will be talking to my son," Barton's mother said.Keith is supposed to call Thursday. Barton will have to fit that into his already busy schedule. He has two doctor's appointments scheduled for the same day.Barton said the sooner doctors tell him he can go back to Iraq, the better. Previous Story:

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