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Friday, September 24, 2004

A Blogs of War reader and reservist has some thoughts on the election:

A Blogs of War reader and reservist has some thoughts on the election:

I don’t know if my unit is atypical of Reserve units but I can tell you Kerry has near zero support in my Seabee unit. GI’s know who stabs us in the back each and every time they get the chance. The left hates us, they hate our mission, they hate what we stand for and I believe they are not upset at all when a GI dies in the line of duty. It’s nothing more than a campaign issue for them and the more of my fellow GI’s who die in combat defending this nation the better they like it. Ever since the animals took over the Donkeycrat party they have tried to disarm us and leave us at the mercy of the Soviets and now the Islamofascists. Their motivation is a profound and disturbing hatred of Western Civilization in general and America in particular. I wear the uniform in spite of these animals. However, you, the voters had better not stab us in the back on election day. Putting Kerry in office would be a clear statement from you to us of only two words:

F*** you.

The Islamofascists know that when the elections come off in January that they will have been defeated. What they’re doing now is trying to disrupt our election the way the succesfully did in Spain. Right now the military is not having a problem enlisting and re-enlisting troops. Put Kerry in and you will see the line at the door dissipate and those of us in waiting to get out. Early in World War II Winston Churchill told the British people “Deserve Victory!” Keep us in the field, keep us armed and prepared, we’ll fight the Islamofascists in Baghdad. If you fail and put Kerry in the White House the NYPD will fight the Islamofasicsts in the streets of Manhattan. Your choice. Deserve Victory!

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