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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Bob Dole to Join Vets Unveiling Kerry Movie

This is not good for Kerry. To have Bob Dole join this group is a pretty good endrosement of what they are saying. He does not ussually go into partisan attacks on people. Ezspecially if they were in the military.
Thursday, Sept. 9, 2004 1:32 a.m. EDT

Bob Dole to Join Vets Unveiling Kerry Movie

Former Sen. Bob Dole will team up with a group of former Vietnam prisoners of war at a Washington, D.C., press conference on Thursday to announce a new documentary that chronicles the deep resentment the POW community has for Sen. John Kerry. As first reported by NewsMax.com's Insider Report, the film "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal" features former POWs describing how Kerry's 1971 testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee gave aid and comfort to the enemy while adding to their own suffering at the hands of their Hanoi Hilton jailers.

The surviving men and their families say they were betrayed by Kerry, blasting the would-be president for his anti-war activities as leader of the group Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

The film, produced by Pulitzer Prize winner Carlton Sherwood, features former Vietnam POWs George "Bud" Day, Jack L. Van Loan, Paul Galanti, Robert H. Shumaker, Ken Cordier and others.

Day, a Medal of Honor winner, said in a statement issued last month:

"I draw a direct comparison [with] General Benedict Arnold of the Revolutionary War to Lieutenant John Kerry. Both went off to war, fought, and then turned against their country.

"General Arnold crossed over to the British for money and position," Day explained. "John Kerry crossed over to the Vietnamese with his assistance to the anti-war movement and his direct liaison with the Vietnamese diplomats in Paris. His reward: political gain."

Galanti recently recalled how his Hanoi Hilton jailers would play Sen. Kerry's Senate speech to bolster their accusations that American soldiers were war criminals.

"They would tell us POWs that 'You're not prisoners of war. You're criminals," Galanti told Fox News Channel's "Hannity & Colmes." "You're war criminals because you've committed atrocities in killing babies, bombing dams and pagodas.'

"They were promoting [Kerry] as a big friend of theirs," Galanti charged.

Last month, Sen. Dole condemned Kerry's anti-war activities, telling CNN: "Maybe he should apologize to all the other two and a half million veterans who served. He wasn't the only one who was in Vietnam."

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