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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

CBS Steered Forged Doc Source to Kerry Campaign

Rathergate is wors than Watergate. This is musch worse that Watergate ever was. Every camapaign tries to get the other candidates political papers. But this is a crime much worse thtn that. This is going to bring down Kerry and company. See-BS is going to have a blkack eye for a while, but it will ecventually get swept under the rug. But Kerry is in a campaign and it will bring him down.
Monday, Sept. 20, 2004 10:52 p.m. EDT

CBS Steered Forged Doc Source to Kerry Campaign

In what may be the most damaging revelation yet in the Rathergate document scandal, CBS News is admitting that it steered the source of forged military records damaging to President Bush to the Kerry campaign. In exchange for the meeting with Kerry communications director Joe Lockhart, that source - former National Guard Commander Bill Burkett - agreed to give CBS copies of the Bush records.

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