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Friday, September 24, 2004

Chris Matthews Bristles at Bias Charge

Some more rantings by Chris "Screwball" Matthews.
After "Hardball" correspondent Norah O'Donnell explained in her news package, "It was as if Allawi's comments had been written by President Bush's speech writers," Burton blew the whistle. "I was a little disappointed that Norah O'Donnell indicated that President Allawi's speech was written by the White House," he told Matthews. "That is a bias that the media ... "

Before Burton could finish, the irked host shot back, "She didn't say that."

When Burton stuck to his guns, Matthews insisted, "No she didn't [say that]. She said it could have been written."

At the end of the segment, the touchy talker felt the need to revisit the issue, insisting that O'Donnell merely meant Allawi's speech "was very supportive of the president."

"There was not a tad of bias in her report," he declared.

No no bias there. Cna you trust a man that berates Michelle Malkin, even though he didn't read anything from the Siftboat Vetern's book. He is a blowhard.

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