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Friday, September 10, 2004

Democratic National Committee 'Action Alert' E-mail

This is just amazing. they are really actually going to rely on all the misinformation that theses people are putting out. Are they not listening to the blogsphere and experts on this? Many experts beleive that all theses memos are fabrications and out and out lies. By the way who cares what happened 30-35 years ago. I don't. I think that Kerry may have fibs a little bit about his record. Who cares. I think the the Swift Bost Vetereans care, but for most of the country doesn't. they want someone who will lead our country against the terrorists that are out there. And if Presidnet Bush missed an exam, who cares. That was 30 years ago. He was honorably disacharged. I want to know who is going to lead us against peopple like the cowards in Russia. Killing little children and raping little girls. And who is goinf to lead our country against the threat that is out there to our country. I blieve that candidate is out Presidnet Bush. He has led a great coalition agains them so far. Kerry is worried that France and Germany are not with us. Boo Hoo. They were getting Billions of dollars from Saddam and selling him weapons up until the war with Iraq. Who needs allies like that. And Russia ifs finally getting around to understanding this is a war against all civilization. Ont just the US. they have 100s of children dead for what. I am sorry, but the DNC is just pissing me off on doing crap like this. Bush's record 30 years ago deos not matter . What he did the last 4 years does. So if the DNC is going to do this kind of stuff, it makes me more amd more likely I will never vote for a Democrat ever. This is just shameful. Do you see the RNC going on and on abuot Kerry's military record? NO. Yes the Swift Boat Vetereans are. But the head guy in that organization wold have voted for John Edwards. He never voted for Bush anw probaly never would if Kerry wasn't runing. Adn hopefully this will get Dan Rather off the air with all his bullshit. He is nothing more that a hack for the DNC. Sorry about the rant, but this shit is just pissing me off.
Democratic National Committee 'Action Alert' E-mail By Democratic National Committee CNSNews.com Information Services September 10, 2004 (Editor's Note: The following is the text of an "action alert" e-mail sent Friday morning from the Democratic National Committee.) Dear [Supporter], Back in February, President Bush sat down in the Oval Office for an interview with Tim Russert and spoke about his service in the National Guard. Bush told us, "I put in my time, proudly so." He said, "And I'm telling you, I did my duty." But now we know that Bush dishonored the Oval Office by lying to the American people. New investigations from multiple media sources have revealed the truth about President Bush's service. New military documents show that Bush disobeyed a direct order from his commander to take a flight physical and "failed to perform to U.S. Air Force/Texas Air National Guard standards" -- and was grounded as a result. New evidence supports claims that Bush missed months of service and that he never showed up for service with the Alabama National Guard. New evidence shows that Bush received special treatment. His supervisor wrote that he felt pressured from above to "sugar coat" Bush's records. And Ben Barnes, former Lt. Governor and State House Speaker of Texas, has come forward to say that he pulled strings to get Bush a coveted spot in the Guard, which directly contradicts Bush's claim that he received no special treatment. Only Bush Can Answer Questions President Bush has a lot to answer for. Only he can clear up the questions regarding the discrepancies in his service record, and he owes the American people those answers. Here are just a few of the questions Bush must answer. Why did George Bush say "I did my duty" when he missed months of duty in 1972, 73 and 74? How did George Bush avoid getting called into active service for missing months of duty in 1972, 73, and 74? Why did George Bush disobey a direct order to take his physical? What standard did George Bush fail to meet when he was grounded for failing to perform at US Air Force/Texas Air National Guard Standards? Why did George Bush go above his commander's head to ensure a favorable evaluation he had not earned? Why did George Bush say he received "no special treatment" when Ben Barnes says he pulled strings to secure a Guard slot for him? Who asked Bush family friend Sidney Adger to get Bush a slot in the Guard immediately after Bush graduated and at the height of the Vietnam War? When will George Bush produce any credible witness who can attest to his service in the Alabama Air National Guard? Take Action You can help us hold Bush accountable. Sign our petition to President Bush and demand that he answer the American people's questions about his Guard service. Make sure the pressure stays on Bush and make sure the media holds him responsible. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper about the questions you have for President Bush.

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