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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Democrats Attack Zell

Those silly liberals. they can't even get the right George Bush right. It was George H W Bush Miller was talking about in 1992., not George W Bush. Democrats Attack Zell

Written by guest blogger Aaron Margolis of Pardon My English.

Democrats quickly rebutted Zell Miller's vicious speech Wednesday night, with a web video called "Zell Miller: Then and Now" and with links to "donate to REAL Democrats who DO get it."

You see video of Zell being critical of George Bush, saying that "George Bush just doesn't get it," and repeats that line many times. You hear Zell Miller say that George Bush doesn't deserve "four more years."

The video then cuts to the “Now” Zell Miller, with a quote of his from August 1, 2004, saying “I am for President George W. Bush because he is the right man at the right place at the right time.”

At first glance, this video makes you think that Zell has "flip-flopped" on George W. Bush... but that is not the case.

Look carefully at the "Then" Zell Miller footage. Look at the "fine print." The footage of Zell Miller saying "George Bush just doesn't get it," is from the 1992 Democratic Convention. In that video, he's talking about George H. W. Bush, not George W. Bush. They want you to think he's talking about the same George Bush... they want you to think he's talking about George W. Bush.

We are smarter than that. We get it. And I think Zell gets it, too. It's the Democrats that just don't get it.

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