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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Dick Morris: Bush Set Debate Trap for Kerry

This should be an intersting debate. What is Kerry goign to say about Iraq. What he said last week, amonth ago, in 1997 or what he said yesterday. I yjink Bush was right in saying Kery could debate himself for 90 minutes.
Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2004 11:48 a.m. EDT

Dick Morris: Bush Set Debate Trap for Kerry

President Bush has set a debate trap for John Kerry that will force him to take positions opposed by a large percentage of his backers, former top Clinton strategist Dick Morris said Monday. "What's happened is that Bush has set up a trap for Kerry," Morris told Fox News Channel's "Hannity & Colmes."

"He has so emphasized Kerry's flip-flopping, so-called weakness, vacillation, all that stuff, that Kerry has to take strong positions in the debate."

That will force Kerry to make his position clear once and for all on Iraq, the top strategist said – which inevitably will cost him votes.

Morris explained:

"A third of his voters are certified hawks, who say that we're winning the war on terror. ... [But] half of his voters are doves. When he starts adopting an anti-Iraq line, anti-war line, he's going to alienate a third of his own voters."

If Kerry comes out strong for the war, however, he can say goodbye to the anti-war types, who think he'll cut and run.

"Kerry has a strategic problem," said Morris. "And it doesn't matter how good a debater you are and how attractive you are. Every time he opens his mouth on a foreign policy debate, he's got to take a position that alienates a portion of his voters."

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