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Saturday, September 25, 2004

‘Dirty bomb’ plot suspects arrested

Hattip from Jihad Watch. Four men were arrested in Freat Britain on the charge that they were trying to maks a "dirty bomb". And it was either to be used in Great Britain ot the US.
September 26, 2004 ‘Dirty bomb’ plot suspects arrested
ANTI-TERRORIST police have arrested four men suspected of trying to buy material for a radiological “dirty” bomb. Three men were arrested at a hotel in north London, while a fourth was arrested at his home nearby.

It has been reported that the men — one of whom was from Goa, India, another from Somalia and a third from Mozambique — were middlemen acting for a Saudi Arabian.

The men were arrested on Friday after a tip-off from reporters at the News of the World. The suspects claimed to the reporters that their client was willing to pay £300,000 for a kilogram of radioactive “red mercury”.

“It’ll be for use here in the UK or the USA,” the reporters were told.

Read the rest here.

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