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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Hillary Care

Another reason to not vote for Kerry. This plan would bankrupt the government. We would not have any money for anything other than the distribution of wealth. The economy would come to a stadnstill and more people would loose their jobs. They tried this once and it got defeated and it should never become the policy of the US.

According to a study of Kerry's plan by the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), it would cost American taxpayers $1 trillion over the next decade alone, just to insure the two-thirds of Americans who are currently without coverage.

Worse, his plan "would virtually destroy the individual and small-group health insurance markets" while "most Americans would not be able to remain in the private health plan they have today," said the study's authors, John Goodman and Devon Herrick.

There are more problems with Kerry's plan:

  • More than half the money it would take to fund Kerry's ambitious plan would go to subsidize moving people already in private insurance plans to publicly funded plans by expanding Medicaid and State Children's Health Insurance Programs (CHIP) for the poor.

  • Employers also would get taxpayer-provided subsidies, even if they didn't insure a single additional employee.

  • People going from private plans to government-funded plans like Medicaid would end up with fewer choices among doctors, longer waits at doctors' offices and clinics, and medical care rationing.

  • Others would be exposed to a system of managed competition that over-provides care to healthy people while underserving sick and poor people.

  • It would "almost certainly" lead to a new round of health care inflation, while federal spending alone would increase by about $100 billion a year.
  • Read the rest here.

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