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Monday, September 27, 2004

Houston's CBS Affiliate Cans Dan Rather

Looks like some See BS affiliates are going to start Rather's retirement first. Even though See BS is going to "sugarcoat" his retirement. Saying it had nothing to do with his mistakes in Rathergate.
Monday, Sept. 27, 2004

Houston's CBS Affiliate Cans Dan Rather

The movement to fire Dan Rather has scored a coup. KPRC, CBS's radio affiliate in the sinking anchorman's former hometown of Houston, has yanked his daily radio broadcast in response to his latest Bush-bashing scandal.

"I felt no anchor ... should ever be the story or bigger than the story," Ken Charles, program director of the news-talk station, told the Associated Press today. "I thought it was appropriate to take him off the air."

"For right now, I'm not convinced there's any reason to put him back on the radio station," said Charles, who is airing more reliable sources of information: Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage. "Until CBS or somebody is able to do that, I feel like there's no place for Dan Rather on KPRC."

AP noted, "At least one radio station, WNIS in Norfolk, Va., last week dumped all of CBS because of the story."

'Liberals' Aren't So Tolerant

Charles said he had received more than 300 e-mails about dropping Rather's five-minute program.

"It's been overwhelming ... over-over-overwhelmingly supportive," he said. "Four of them called my mother really bad names, which is unusual because I thought liberals were nicer."

A 'Joke' to Amuse Everyone

RatherBiased.com hopes other stations will follow these two stations' excellent examples.

"We have no animus against him. But this 'Memogate' fiasco is just another example of Dan Rather's long record of lowering his journalistic standards when it comes to Republicans," Matthew W. Sheffield, co-founder of RatherBiased.com, told the St. Petersburg Times.

Jonah Goldberg, a conservative columnist for New Republic Online, told the liberal Florida daily: "This '60 Minutes' story never would have happened if the memos had come from Swift Boat Veterans for Truth against John Kerry. Now [Rather] is a joke, and everyone can see it."

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