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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Iraqis are Proud to Serve

Hattip to Alpha Patriot. Something you will never see on CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, and NY Times.
One thing I noticed about being home was that the news media sure botches the stories about Iraq and makes them pretty one sided. It ticks me off because they dont tell the good stories that happen out here of the great partnerships between us and the new Iraqi Army, of the friendships between American Soldiers that have formed between the two nations. It doesnt say that most all of the attacks on American Soldiers are from insurgents from other countries besides Iraq. They dont tell you of the courage the Iraqi Army and Iraqi Police Force show by fighting along side of us, despite poor equipment and ammo shortages. A vehicular bomb went off at a checkpoint and as I arrived on the scene I saw that 90% of the guards were nothing more than burning meat on the pavement. One soldier escaped the blast because he was under the Overpass taking a piss, inly to hear the explosion and arrive to see that his father, uncle and three brothers were killed. The news didnt show him picking up there remains and putting them in trash bags because thats all he had, as we arrived or us helping him. It didnt show him returning to his post to stand proudly near his nations flag, with tears comming down his cheeks did it? No, the story wasn't even covered.

Sure the news arrived, I saw them. CNN and a few others came, but all they reported was that another bomb exploded in Iraq and how many it killed. What about this man? So I will carry his story out and tell others of his courage. The people of Iraq for the most part want so desperatly to be free, and they want us to stay for the most part to show them HOW to be free. That is our mission here, to earn there hearts and minds and show them through example what it means to have freedom of your own and truely be free from oppression to worship your god how you want to worship, and go to school without the threat of being blown up or killed for some political tyrrants wicked ideas. Most of the soldiers here want to stay and fight.

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