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Thursday, September 30, 2004

My reactions to the debate.

I don't think that the debates are going to cahnge anybodies minds adn will probably not change any undecided voters minds either. I think that John Kerry did a good job and Bush did a good job. I think it was like 2 teams testing eachother out at the beginning of a big game. No one wanted to make a mistake, so they went coutiously through the debated. With that said. I want to say some things about what Kerry said I think are wrong and a little deceptive. 1. How are you going to make more special forces. are you going to drop the requirements and tests to get into the special forces. You can't just say you are a special forces soldier without going through the training. 2 How much money is all of what Kerry wants to do going to cost???? A couple $ trillion maybe. 3 Kerry's biggest thing was going after Osama Bin Laden. When was he the only person in the War on Terror. I remember when Bush said he was just one man and the War on Terror was against all terrorists that want to do us harm. 4 I can't count the times he deceived people with his facts and figures. Iwill have to get back to you on that one when I see the transcripts. 5 It was not a mistaker to go into Iraq. We had knowledge of WMDs and officials from many countries said that he had WMDs and that Saddam was going to try and attack us or our allies. And here is what I thought anout Bush 1 He did a pretty good job, but he seemed to be a little too defensive. 2 Later in the debate he started to repeat stuff too much and maybe turned a few people off with that. 3 For once I think he didn't mess up the English language. 4 He did a good job of saying that it was hard to transform Iraq into a democracy. 5 He did have good points on how Kerry dissed our allies. How can you get those people on board with you when you call them the "bribed and coerced" All in all I think that it was kind a tie, with maybe a little edge to Kerry. He showed that he has a confidence that seemed to be missing throughout the campaign so far. He did seem to be consistant on his ideas. But wait a couple days that might change. Will see how the next debate goes. I think that the next one will be better suited for Bush. He will be more in a forum suited to his style of speech and debate. I might have to think a little more and get back with some more comment on the debate. This is just my initial comment. Tomorrow I will have more time to check out the transcipts and see what other are saying. Update!!! I forgat to add that Kerry was talking about a "International Test". WTF????????? Wht the hell is that. This just shows how he would give other people a veto on our military actions and our countries protection. Kerry is in no wy prsdidential material. He would not have out interests at heart. He would be trying to make France and Germany like us and let the terrorists go. , We need to elect Bush for our own safety. I know PResident Bush is not the greatest. I never said he was, but he is much better thatn Kerry. The main reasonis the War on Terror.

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