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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Never Forget

Some more pictures of the carnage in Russia. These people need to be eliminated. From Slings And Arrows.

Again the mantra is never forget. Why must we say this? Because the bane of humanity is that we do forget. We forgot what it was like on 9/11, until we were reminded by the bombings in Spain. Too quickly we forgot that pain, until Beslan reminded us again. Burn these images into your brain so you never forget.

Yes. That is blood on the floor.

The hostages were crammed into rooms, no food or water, no trips to the toilet

Blood, guts, bombs and kids.

This little guy was two years old. But he wasn't a Muslim, so slaughtering him helped someone get his 72 virgins.

Vasily Reshetnyak, eight years old.

Zaur Gutnov, ten years old.

The signs says "Only cowards fight with kids!!!" That about sums it up.

Does anyone still have anything to say about Abu Ghraib?

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