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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Petition from Barking Moonbat early Warning system

Go here to sign the petition To: US Attorney General John Ashcroft

We, the undersigned are concerned about the recent documents used by CBS News in its newscast on September 9, 2004 which purported to show that President Bush was guilty of dereliction of duty while in the National Guard in the early 1970's. Our concern is not with the content of the documents but whether or not they are genuine. Several experts in handwriting and typesetting have examined copies of the documents and have directly and forcefully questioned their validity. CBS News has reportedly conducted its own internal investigation and CBS News anchor Dan Rather has repeatedly denied that the documents are forged. CBS News executives and Mr. Rather have also refused to reveal any information regarding the source of the documents or how they were obtained. We believe that if the documents are forgeries, then a crime has been committed against the American people and the felony of intentional fraud should be punished. Furthermore, we believe that CBS News' refusal to reveal the source of the documents and how they were obtained places the veracity of the documents in grave doubt. Therefore we, the undersigned call upon US Attorney General John Ashcroft to either (a) order the FBI to investigate the documents and determine their veracity or (b) appoint an independent investigator to perform the same task. We ask Attorney General Ashcroft to subpoena any individual at CBS who has knowledge of these documents and to take sworn testimony before a Federal Grand Jury to determine the extent of this possible fraudulent attempt to influence the American election. If the documents are found to be forgeries by an investigation, we ask the Attorney General to prosecute the individuals responsible to the fullest extent mandated by law.


The Undersigned