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Monday, September 27, 2004

Protesters attack Danish embassy in Sweden

Hattip to My Pet Jawa Protesters???? Aren't they called terrorosits.

Protesters attack Danish embassy in Sweden

25 September 2004
STOCKHOLM: Protesters smashed windows and splattered red paint inside the Danish embassy in Stockholm to oppose Copenhagen's support for the war in Iraq, officials and the group responsible said on Friday.

Denmark is a Nato member and has troops in Iraq.

Thomas Lehmann, minister councillor at the embassy, said a group calling itself Global Intifada carried out the protest, which happened overnight.

"They tried to break some windows, some they succeeded and some they didn't. . . the damage is material damage, walls, windows, it's red paint all over the floor," Lehmann said. The embassy would take any necessary security measures, he added.

In a statement, the group said it was angry at Danish support for United States actions in Iraq, including sending troops.

This is what the terrorists said last week.
"....we threaten the government of Denmark with the commencement of military strikes with utmost fatal ferocity if it does not declare a timetable for its withdrawal from Iraq. The government of Denmark should benefit from the Italian lesson, and the Russian lesson, and the British lesson, and the American lesson, because we will not show mercy to any Danish citizen who falls into our hands unless the Danish nation submit to our demands.”

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