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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Sign Theft

This is just wrong. you should never stealt someone's political signs i their yard. I may not agree with them, but they have the right to put up any sign they want in their own yard. You have to respect people's property. The people that did this should be porsecuted.
Can't blame people around here if a certain political paranoia has set in. Not when at least 13 of their lawn signs were stolen and vandalized. And privately police told them the number may be closer to 50. But there's one thing the political pilfers didn't know. They were caught on tape. Along Alpine Trail in Eden Prairie... Where Bush-Cheney signs outnumber Kerry-Edwards, a contentious harmony prevailed among these political animals. Until recently. Norbert Gernes isn't alone. At least seven of his neighbors have had their Kerry signs stolen. And returned, well done. But Kim Ross did something else. She set up her video camera at the window, and kept it rolling. And yesterday, as the storm winds moved in, so did the sign bandits. Driving by in a white S-U-V, they're scared off by a neighbor mowing the yard. Another pass. 30 seconds later, they move in, a teenager jumps out, grabs the sign, and they're off. And Eden Prairie is not alone. In Golden Valley, 17 families with Kerry lawn signs got hate male cursing Kerry, Jews and Gays. In Apple Valley someone else is stealing Kerry signs.But it's also a bi-partisan crime. In Fridley, Mounds View, and St. Paul, it's Bush-Cheney signs that were recently stolen or defaced. This crime also stinks, even though it's just a misdemeanor. Police suspect it's most likely a student at Eden Prairie High. Although none of the kids we talked to recognized the perp. The neighbors on both sides would love to teach the kids a lesson, about tolerance, respect, and fair play. Kim ross wonders if that would be over their heads.

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