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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Time to Act

Via Opinion Paper. This is a very good idea. we should go our and get as many poeple we can to go out and vote for Bush on Nov 2. Most of the people I know have already made up there mind. MOst of the people I know are already going to vote for Bush, but I do have a few that are going to vote for Kerry. And they are very hard to argue with because they have the "anybody but Bush Syndrome". Or they think that Rove and Rummy are the devils incarnate. But I will try hard to get people out to vote for Bush. Hopefully all of you will also do this.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Time to Act

Please notice the date of this post. It will stay on top of my blog through the election. If you come here regularly, just scroll down. But here's why this is staying on top... Today, I visited Mithras' web site, he's a MoveOn Democrat, and he said this:
This morning I attended the first training in the country held by MoveOn PAC to train volunteers. About 60 people showed up, representing two wards of center city Philadelphia. We going to get out an extra 500,000 votes for John Kerry, in 10,000 precincts across the country.
Now nod your head with me, conservatives... Do you want Bush re-elected? Do you plan to be very motivated outside of writing or reading blogs to make that happen? The Democrats are acting. Polls don't mean a damn thing if the Bush voters don't get to the polls on election day. I'm issuing two challenges:
  • I challenge every conservative blogger to create a topmost post like this one to crank out the Bush vote until election day.
  • I challenge every Bush voter to bring one other Bush voter to the polls with them on election day.
There are no excuses if Bush doesn't win and win big. Don't wait for permission from your local GOP headquarters. Get off the computer, go find a Bush voter, and get out there to make November 3rd a great day to wake up to. # posted by Brett Rogers @ 1:00 AM

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