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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

U.N. Says Iran Discloses Nuclear Plans

Another reason we need to have Bush for 4 more years. WirTh Kerry in the White House, we will just let the EU and the UN handle this. Just look at how great of a job they are doing so far. It would be disasteous for the US if Kerry gets in the White House. Just read Zell Miller's speech for my opinion on this.
U.N. Says Iran Discloses Nuclear Plans
NewsMax.com Wires Wednesday, Sep. 1, 2004
VIENNA, Austria – Iran has announced plans to turn tons of uranium into a substance that can be used to make nuclear weapons, the U.N. atomic watchdog agency said Wednesday in a report stoking concern about Tehran's nuclear agenda. The confidential report of the International Atomic Energy Agency said the agency had been informed that the Islamic republic planned to process more than 40 tons of raw uranium into uranium hexafluoride
Read the rest here. An update here on Iran. They arrested nuclear spies.

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