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Thursday, September 09, 2004

We Must Never Forget

A great post at Downtown Chick Chat
September 09, 2004
We Must Never Forget

Patriot Day (September 11th) is fast approaching us. I had meant to do a little something each day for a week before the day and had forgot - so I'm a little late. With all of the bad things going on in life like murder, rape, crime in general, mean and hateful things we say to each other, finger pointing, some very harsh political bashing and all the rest, we should really stop and think. Just stop.

On September 11th 2001 it all did. That day we were not black or white, gay or straight, Democrat or Republican, male or female, Muslim or Christian. We were Americans. Every single one of us. The world stopped. People helped each other, they grieved together, they cheered each other, they volunteered, they prayed, they comforted, crime went down and almost halted completely. We were one. We had no differences. We were Americans.

How soon we all forget that unity. Life marches on and we get hateful. We blame people for everything and don't take enough responsibilities ourselves. Our greed returns as we wonder if we have enough TV's, computers, cars, a bigger house and so on. We complain constantly about our bosses, that we don't make enough money, that rush hour traffic is such an inconvenience. The flags on our cars and homes start disappearing. I could go on but you know what I'm getting at.

On Patriot Day wear something red, white and blue. A pin, a ribbon, a shirt, something. At noon take a moment to say a little prayer. Don't believe in God? Fine, then take a moment to just think of what we lost and how so very lucky you are to be healthy and appreciate all that you have in this great country. Do something nice for someone. Volunteer for anything, give blood, just do something and REMEMBER. Freedom is NEVER free folks.

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