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Friday, October 08, 2004


Here is a great editorial from NY Post It makes my feel great to see how good our troops ant hte Iraqi security forces are doing in Iraq. This is just what Bush and Cheney have been talking about. I read a news story earlier in the day at work where it said that the Iraqi peopl were so happy to see their own come in and take over the city. There were brimming with pride that their own army is taking it to the terrorists. We do nont neeed more troops in Iraq, it will only make the Iraqis more wary of our intentions. They need to work for their own freedom. And there are starting to do that now. They are not backing away like they did a few months ago. And wee need to train them to protect their own freedom. I want to thank all of our fighting men and women and thier Iraqi conuterparts in doing a good job in Iraq. Do not believe everything the liberal media and Kerry and his ilk are saying about Iraq. We are winning and we will win the War on terror. It will take a long time, adn we shall never back down and let International Tests take control of our foreign policy.
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October 5, 2004 -- IN a remarkable display of skill, elements of the U.S. Army's 1st Infantry Division and newly trained Iraqi national forces drove the terrorists from the city of Samarra last week. Killing over 100 of freedom's enemies and capturing many more, our troops lost a single soldier.

The two-day sweep through Samarra incorporated lessons learned on the ground over the past several months — especially the need to win swiftly in urban settings. Our soldiers performed flawlessly under difficult conditions. Iraqi commandos, backed by our Special Forces, liberated two key mosques before a hostile media could intervene on terror's behalf. The city's population is glad that their oppressors are gone.

Has Sen. Kerry acknowledged the performance of our troops? Has he thanked them? Of course not. The senator and his posse of defeatists resent American victories in the final weeks before our presidential election.

We're supposed to lose, you understand.

There's an enormous and troubling disconnect between the situation on the ground in Iraq and the portrait of disaster hawked by Kerry & Co. — abetted by the media. The victims of this disinformation campaign are our soldiers, the American people and the law-abiding citizens of Iraq.

Indeed, the Dems have declared defeat so loudly and insistently that they've convinced much of the world that freedom's cause is lost in the Middle East.

But let me tell you who isn't convinced: Our soldiers. Last week, I was privileged to speak to — and listen to — hundreds of U.S. Army officers and enlisted soldiers at the Land Combat Exposition in Heidelberg, Germany — the headquarters of our ground troops in Europe. Even I was surprised by the complete absence of griping. I did not hear a single criticism of our engagement in Iraq.

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