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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Former POW: Kerry Preyed on My Family

Kerry and his group should be ashamed of themselves for using people's families for thier own agenda. They were not against the war, they just wanted their relative back home. I think these people should be heard, just like all of the propaganda the MSM gives Kerry.
A former Vietnam War prisoner of war charges that as he was being tortured by his communist captors, John Kerry was preying on his family to denounce the United States..... In “Stolen Honor,” Warner says, “They showed me a transcript of testimony that my mother had given at the Winter Soldier hearing. I read her testimony; it was not particularly damning, but I wondered how did someone persuade her? Then they showed me a statement by John Kerry. I know that he did talk to her and my sisters. It is really a contemptible act to take a grieving old lady and prey upon her grief and manipulate her grief purely for the promotion of your own political agenda.”
Read the rest here.

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