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Sunday, October 03, 2004

London's Dirty-Bomb Plot

Look at this story. Terrorists were trying to make a "dirty bomb" out of smoke detectors. Sunday, Oct. 03, 2004 London's Dirty-Bomb Plot British authorities suspect that a cell of Islamic terrorists where trying to harvest radioactive material from smoke detectors

When British authorities broke up a cell of suspected Islamic terrorists in August, the arrests sent reverberations across the Atlantic. Among the evidence found with the suspects were reconnaissance reports on major U.S. financial sites—including the New York Stock Exchange and the World Bank in Washington.

But senior U.S. law-enforcement officials tell TIME they are continuing to follow the case closely and are learning even more disturbing details about what the group may have been plotting.

Reports on the British investigation, now circulating among U.S. law-enforcement agencies, assert that the group was trying to construct a crude radiological dirty bomb. The arrests (which followed a yearlong surveillance operation, code-named Operation Spangle) turned up a cache of household smoke detectors, which the British suspect the group wanted to cannibalize for their minute quantities of americium-241, a man-made radioactive chemical.

Read the rest here.

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