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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Ohio Democrats Score Major Coup for Vote Fraud

This is just amazing. You can go anywhere and vote if it is in your own county. So I can go to every polling place and vote at every polling site and vote. This is just great. Nothing like "Vote Early and Vote Often". What a bunch of crap. What is so hard about going to your county courthouse and asking where you are supposed to vote at. It is not that hard and will only take a few minutes out of your time. No wonder there is so much confusion during elections. I know exactly where I am suppose to go and vote. Ann if you move you get a notification in the mail to tell you where to go and vote. If you don't just ask a county official where your correct polling place is. tehn we should not have all of the confusion and lawsuits after the election.
"In a victory for the Democrats, a federal judge ruled Thursday that Ohio voters who show up at the wrong polling place on Election Day can still cast ballots as long as they are in the county where they are registered," the Associated Press reported.... P.S.: In the nation's other most hotly contested state, Florida, Democrats and their thuggish, increasingly violence-prone allies in Big Labor are urging the Democrat-run state Supreme Court (yes, the same court that abetted Al Gore's failed coup attempt in 2000) to issue a similar ruling.
Read the rest here.

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