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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Police discover five decapitated Iraqis

More beheadings in Iraq. Via Jawas Report

Police discover five decapitated Iraqis

Police have found five decapitated bodies of Iraqis in northern Iraqi cities, police and hospital officials said.

They said two decapitated bodies were found dumped separately in central Mosul on Tuesday, two days after another was discovered near a bus station.

Two had been identified and the third was also believed to be an Iraqi.

There was no immediate word on who had beheaded the three men or on the motives for the killings.

In Kirkuk, Lieutenant Colonel Awaad Jibouri said the corpse and head of a former Iraqi army officer, identified as Ali Hussein, was found in a town south-west of the city.

Mr Hussein had worked at a United States military base in Kirkuk.

A second Iraqi, identified as Taha Abdullah, who worked at a US barracks near Baiji, was also beheaded and his body was found on Monday night, Lieutenant Colonel Jibouri said.

Militant groups fighting US-led forces and the US-backed Iraqi interim Government have beheaded half a dozen foreign hostages and several Iraqis in recent months.

Insurgents have frequently targeted Iraqis and foreigners working for US forces in Iraq, from truck drivers to laundry workers.

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