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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Swiftvets Will Announce 'October Surprise' at Rally in Washington on Sunday, All Invited

Maybe this will be the October Surprise. Via The Jawa Report
STOP THE MADNESS- LEARN THE TRUTHMARCH ON WASHINGTON TO STOP JOHN KERRYSUNDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2004 1 PM * Naval Archives2 PM STEPS OF THE UNITED STATES CAPITOLJoin the thousands of veterans, active duty and every day warriors in a MARCH FOR TRUTH JOHN KERRY HAS LIED HIS LAST LIE!We call upon every citizen who cares about the FUTURE of our Nation to join us in an informational rally about theREAL JOHN KERRYLearn about his LESS THAN HONORABLE DISCHARGE FROM THE NAVYLearn about his CONNECTIONS AND ALLEGIANCE TO HANOILearn about TREASON, DECEPTION, SLANDER, AND FRAUDLearn about the man WHO WANTS TO BE COMMANDER IN CHIEFHE IS UNFIT TO COMMAND, UNFIT TO CALL HIMSELF AN AMERICANThis man should not be seeking to enter the White House- he should be seeking counsel to stay out of the Big House.SEE YOU ON THE STEPS!!!Pajama's Optional

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