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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

WTF!!!! What the hell is Kerry talking about. If you are not registered to vote where you live at now, then you are not allowed to vote. If you are not sure call you local election board to see. what is so hard about that. It will take a few minutes to see if you are registered in the right place. it is ridiculous to not see if you are registered in the right polling place on election day. This is not intimidation, it is called common sense. Also why is is so wrong to ask people to show some form of ID when they vote. you have to show ID when you cash a check, get on a plane adn various other things. Why are the Democrats so afraid of this. Could it be all the fraud that they do every election. "Vote Early and Vote Often' Maybe they wouldn't be able to get away with that one if people actually had to prove who they were. And how about all the dead people and dogs that vote for Democrats every election. Should they count in Kerry universe. And tell me why in the world you have lawyers ready to discount military votes. They have a right ot vote also. In 200 if all the military voteds counted, Bush would have won by a lot more than he did. So shut the hell up about disenfranchising people Kerry. And get your attack dogs to stop violating the law and trespassing on Republican Headquarters.

"In battleground states across the country, we're hearing stories of how people are trying to make it harder to file for additional time, or how they're making it harder to even register," Kerry told an enthusiastic congregation at East Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

"We're not going to let that happen because the memories of 2000 are too strong. We're not going to allow 1 million African Americans to be disenfranchised."

At a stop in Ohio earlier Sunday, Kerry told a voter concerned about ballots cast by military personnel overseas that Democrats are aware of voting problems and are concerned.

"We're seeing efforts by the Republicans, unfortunately, in various parts of the country to suppress votes and intimidate people, to do things that bring back memories that are pretty bitter in the American mind from the year 2000."

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