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Sunday, January 23, 2005

East St. Louis Officials Taken Into Custody

From KMOX. This is truly amazing. Voter fraud in ESL. I never would have thought that. I think I could have investigated this one. I was a poll watcher in ESL one year and saw lots of shanannigans going on. Peopple would vote, and then goninto a guys car for a few minutes to get money drugs, or something else. I couldn't see in the car because the windows were tinted, so if I called the State's Attourney office, they would be gone by the time they got there. Hopefully this will get rid of the corruption in St. Clair County. I doubt it, but it will make people think maybe a little more. Every election day it is truly a tragedy here, because of all the fraud. Even the people from Chicago make fun of how corrupt St. Clair county is.
EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. (AP) __ Federal agents took several East St. Louis city officials into custody Friday. Authorities would not name the officials or say why they were detained, but the Belleville News-Democrat reported that Police Chief Ron Matthews and his secretary were among them.
Read the rest here. Read more about this at STLTODAY

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